🔥🇦🇲 On September 9, a fire broke out in the very center of capital of Armenia, Yerevan.

:fire::armenia: On September 9, a fire broke out in the very center of capital of Armenia, Yerevan.
The fire is actively spreading and threatening the unique repository of ancient manuscripts Matenadaran
Matenadaran Institute of Ancient Manuscripts is a research center, one of the largest repositories of manuscripts in the world. As of 2015, Matenadaran funds numbered over 17,000 ancient manuscripts and over 100,000 old archival documents.
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:fire::armenia:19 сентября в самом центре столицы Армении Ереване разгорелся пожар.
Огонь активно распространяется и угрожает уникальному хранилищу древних рукописей Матенадаран
Институт древних рукописей Матенадаран — научно-исследовательский центр, один из крупнейших хранилищ рукописей в мире. По состоянию на 2015 год, фонды Матенадарана насчитывали более 17000 древних рукописей и более 100 тыс. старинных архивных документов.
#пожар #Ереван #Армения

⤺ reposted by @gtaro25 from @AriesAzazel this has crossed my path several times and I try to not get sucked down the rabbit hole but, I’m realllly curious on this one. Any thoughts?

this is a disaster. Armenia houses much valuable manuscripts, most are not categorised…

never ever putting all eggs in same basket

oh spread it around

ok now I understand

worst case scenario, a family member owns a small farm right out of İstanbul

another owns a big ranch in a different city

so food is not an issue

small one is right next to a tap water dam also :upside_down_face:

ok im coming over

Turk has our back

all it lacks a bunker :grin:


we even tried to grow fish in one well

i waited to long waiting on Mason Jars

throught half my tomatoes

for going bad

can’t you dry them?

no they where mushy

i already picked them

but were mushy

left them in the fridge too long

if you have time and other ingredients, i suggest this recipe

FinCEN Files Show Criminals Moved Billions as Banks Watched

Watching Lovecraft Country brb

Suspecting the 1953 Korean Horror aspect of tonight’s episode is Gold/Yellow Wizardry related

I guess that’s a yes


Blue: Space and water
Gold: Spirit, Dimensions
Green: Surface, subsurface


CHINA Just started the Draft

Enforced! After the National Day, the soldiers mobilized in the wartime of the motherland, the following personnel must serve! Violators are regarded as illegal and go straight to Beijing. Yesterday, the national wartime mobilization of soldiers, the following personnel must serve! Our Constitution stipulates that it is the sacred duty of every citizen of the People’s Republic of my country to defend the motherland and resist aggression. If the state issues a mobilization order, the people’s governments from the central to the provincial, municipal, county, and township levels, as well as military agencies at all levels, must mobilize quickly. For the mobilization of soldiers in wartime, the following personnel must be in place immediately. 1. Soldiers in active service stop retiring from active service and are on vacation. Soldiers visiting relatives must return immediately. 2. Reserve personnel and national defense students are ready to be recruited into service at any time.

. After receiving the notice, they must report to the designated place on time. 3. According to the needs of wartime, the State Council and the Central Military Commission may decide to recruit male citizens between 36 and 45 years old to serve in active service. The time for active service is determined by the State Council and the Central Military Commission. G O

Did China just announce a draft? Can any Chinese speaker confirm? I used Yandex translate

Suspect arrested for allegedly sending ricin-tainted letter to White House

Connect the dots

China has started Military Draft procedures

Europe is getting ready. Preparing citizens to bug out or/and shelter in place. Grocery stores depleted.

A War or an Asteroid Impact is coming.

China info is based heavily in rumors, when the media gets a hold of it there will be panic from one side and deniers from the other side.

The actionable intelligence is to restock before full panic sets in.

Godspeed. Signing off. Make sure you personally have supplies.

GSM making headlines this week: