OKK was really interested in those few years ago for their HALO ops


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OKK was really interested in those few years ago for their HALO ops


Red Bull sponsored them

Breitling Watches

But no match for Pegasus

The age of true jetpack flight is near, and Special Operations Command wants in on it - News - Stripes

About Us – JetPack Aviation


This is where they organized the DEATH TO AMERICA mob last night

JetPack Aviation (@jetpackaviation) • Instagram photos and videos



it was all the same mob

Protestors in Union Square now, calling for the rigging of elections in favor of the D side

Crazy shit

Also clarification

Pegasus is not made by Jetpack Aviation

They are the commercial division

Pegasus was developed by DARPA

Any questions regarding Pegasus???

Any questions regarding Pegasus???

It’s a single person jetpack for HALO jumps? Or is it like jetpack fighter for urban warfare *(jump higher further faster etx)?

What does it look like ?

Is it air dropped or take off from land ?


What is the propulsion tech?

Top speed?


What mode of warfare are they for?

What is the training time?

Are they used with cloaking tech?


To be continued

Meanwhile in Manhattan

rules of the rioters

Rocket limbo complicating NASA’s Europa Clipper mission

NASA Readies Perseverance Mars Rovers Earthly Twin


APOD: 2020 September 5 - A Falcon 9 Moon


A Florida Teen Allegedly Shut Down School With a DDoS Attack

The media is portraying this as an economic move, our analysts differ. Unconsciously the population guessed hard times are ahead and family prepare gathering and staying together.

To the ones considering a career change

Air Force Special Ops | How Air Force Special Ops Fighters Are Trained

BLM blocks I-5 in Seattle.

BLM blocks I-5 in Seattle.



Katie Daviscourt🇺🇸 (@KatieDaviscourt) Tweeted:
NOW: Thousands of Patriots gathered in Esther Short Park honoring the life of Aaron “Jay” Danielson. The Trump supporter murdered by an Antifa Militant.

Crowd is chanting “U-S-A.”
#RIPJay #PortlandRiots https://t.co/qeEzd0qv2i h

Ian Miles Cheong (@stillgray) Tweeted:
NFAC, an armed black supremacist group, converged upon the Kentucky Derby today to protest against white people.

ok yea I get, good thing we’ve stopped manufacturing bullets nationwide.

Chris Rock Approach

Washington state patrol is ARRESTING protester drivers who block the freeway

New CCTV footage shows Antifa shooter waiting for Trump supporter in parking garage — Working I’m finding full video

5th September

Why Trump will win again.

it’s like watching the segment, When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong

Girl don’t even trip you bigger than that

Mathematicians should stop naming things after each other

SCUM mocks pregnant woman for having to pee while they illegally block freeway traffic

Plague-bearing fleas spark closures at popular Lake Tahoe sites

American family found abusing ‘Alaska loophole’ in Canada kicked out of B.C.: minister

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Cop-kicking granny is national protest hero in Belarus

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@Insider20 babushka can fight

El Dorado Fire in Oak Glen, California.

Swimming lesson




Tesla’s ‘Full Self-Driving Capability’ Falls Short of Its Name


:ru: Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu on Fri received a shot of the country’s ‘Sputnik V’ COVID19 vaccine. The minister said that all medical staff of Russian military and the military officers will receive the vaccine voluntarily first, and then expand to the whole military.

Earthquake with possible tsunami. Just now

where is this?

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Yes, this is already a famous photograph
On August 26, riot police took away flag from 73-year-old Nina Baginskaya, with which she came to protest
She has been an activist since 1988. During this time, authorities fined her 16 thousand dollars for participating in protests and arrested two of her dachas

About “voluntarily” Shoigu is lying :grin:

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