Ok the video which shown as indian isnt indian its different 2 years old one

Ok the video which shown as indian isnt indian its different 2 years old one

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Maybe someone doesn’t say everything about supplies?

In this article, Indians write that they received them in 2019

22 helicopters

I’m not denying bro

That video is 2018 at havasu lake

The basics of electricity in a course you can do online


If the grid goes down then know how to make your own electricity. At least you can have lights and run your ham radio!

Ham Radiooooo

I understand, that your video from 2018 :grin:
But I’m talking about the fact that a year ago, India received fresh helicopters from the United States, 22 machine

One of them committed crash landing in april
Helicopters from this new series (22 pcs) yesterday flying

Israeli Air Force attacked an ammunition depot in the area of the city of Salamia in the Syrian province of Hama

Did you get certified

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Going on now


:tr: Something unimaginable going now on in Turkey!

:tornado:On June 23, water tornado swept through Marmara Sea off the coast of Istanbul after torrential rains on Sunday caused flooding, which killed at least 5 people.
Sudden floods in some parts of the city led to a complete stop of traffic.

:tr: В Турции творится что-то невообразимое!

:tornado: 23 июня в акватории Мраморного моря у берегов Стамбула пронесся водяной смерч, после того, как проливные дожди вызвали наводнения, из-за которых погибло по меньшей мере 5 человек.
Внезапные наводнения в некоторых частях города привели к полной остановке движения.

Popeye :arrow_up::arrow_up::arrow_up:

The fireworks is in every city since May just now the media is catching up

:serbia: It rained in Serbia for almost a day.
Emergency mode declared in 15 regions of the country

:united_arab_emirates: In Dubai lightning struck straight into Burj Khalifa

:ru: Russia will send a special plane to Crimea to increase the amount of precipitation by another 30%

:serbia: Дождь в Сербии лил почти сутки.
В 15 районах страны объявлен режим ЧС

:united_arab_emirates: В Дубай Молния ударила прямиком в небоскреб Бурдж Халифа

:ru: В Крым перебросят самолёт для увеличения количества осадков еще на 30%

:cn: Flooding in the south of China continues - not only cars, but also high-rise buildings float away

:india: In India, near the border with China, a bridge collapsed

:ru::de: June 22, on the anniversary of outbreak of war with Nazi Germany, Germany sent another 600 tons of nuclear waste to the Sverdlovsk Region

:ru: On June 23, explosion occurred at Refractory Metals Plant in Bryansk Region

:cn: Наводнения на юге Китая продолжается - уплывают не только машины, но и многоэтажные дома

:india: В Индии недалеко от границы с Китаем рухнул мост

:ru::de: 22 июня, в годовщину начала войны с гитлеровской Германией, ФРГ отправила в Свердловскую область очередные 600 тонн ядерных отходов

:ru: 23 июня на Заводе тугоплавких металлов в Брянской области произошел взрыв

Black Hats will not give up without a fight

The Fireworks that you hear and see

are underground

do not investigate

if you see a white van in the area

stay away from the area

or the Black Helicopters

Look at YouTube what’s going on in Turkey, there are a lot videos, all posted few hours ago


This is really awful!

Those go by every day

you were warned since December

They are going crazy right now. There are no actual fireworks that I can see just huge booms. It’s also raining so no rational person would be setting off fireworks. And I see white vans and black helicopters every other day so now I’m a bit freaked out :grimacing::grimacing:

this is not good

But 2 and 2 together

LRAD and underground

Man portable LRAD

Plus Sub-T troops

Recall this :arrow_up: People still in denial the helos are capable of complicated maneuvers.

Even Raytheon published a press release, some people can’t be helped

I have heard fireworks every night for days. What’s going on?

They are getting farther away so they are a little hard to hear over the rain. They were so loud about half an hour ago that I thought it was my next door neighbor, but no actual lights to be seen. Just the booms.

These are easier to hear but these sound more like fireworks to me. The other sound was a deeper boom, sounded more like a canon.

And don’t worry, I have ZERO intention of going to investigate haha. I’m perfectly content staying safely home. :joy::joy:

Can confirm NYPD deployed portable LRAD in early June. Was spoken of openly on police radio.

So the LRAD stuff is not some forbidden plan to round us all up ebf control us, but it’s related to the black hats?
Where can I learn more about Black Hats? Internet is failing me, but I want to know everything. :nerd_face:

I’ve used the LRAD many times in the last few years. Whilst it is fucking loud it’s not close to a weapon. It also lacks the ability to breaks through a hardened steel door. No way sounds come from LRAD.

unless it’s a man portable one underground

and we (military) are selling fireworks to kids at a loss

so they can cover the tracks

of the Subterranean Troops

that are fighting underground