Ok some of you have big fuckkng mouths 👄 if this is happening and being leaked ⬇️⬇️⬇️

Why do you think this

Just so not want you guys freaking out

Can’t go straight up forever. This dip will cause people sitting on the fence to get in.

But human nature loves to buy the ATH

We got candace owens in here? If Elon is here there could be stranger explanations.

:thinking: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=QsWgG11iiCw&feature=youtu.be

Jackson, MS – Now here’s something you don’t see everyday… palm tree getting snowed on!

The CIA Rebranded: Don’t Worry, We’re Woke Now!

And yet another thing that makes you day hmm… :thinking: https://youtu.be/93CYOHYiG_c

Washington “One-China” Policy Dead As Pompeo Lifts Restrictions On US-Taiwan Relations


Kim Jong Un Orders More Tactical Nukes Be Made For Readiness Against “Archenemy” US

Another Nail In The Coffin Of Big Cities

The ‘Woke’ Purge Has Begun

Watch: Saudis Release Footage Of Its F-15s Escorting B-52 Bomber Over Gulf In Anti-Iran Message

A database of 1.3 million Russian Hyundai car owners is up for sale on shadow forums. It contains, among other things, user addresses, information about vehicles and ordering spare parts. Attackers can use data to steal cars, and their owners should expect messages from spammers, cybersecurity experts warn.

Oh shit it’s real


Twitter Plunges After Trump Ban; Parler Site Offline


was about to laugh… but its no joke!

⤻ reposted @AzazelNews to was about to laugh... but its no joke!

I come from south africa, and confirm that the topic is authentic

Published in the Sunday Newspaper called “Rapport”

⤻ reposted @AzazelNews to I come from south africa, and confirm that the topic is authentic

This will make Elon an unnecessary target - loose lips sink ships.

#SAM 464 (Gulfstream) left Tampa, heading towards Andrews?

Soybeans critical

:small_red_triangle_down: UPDATE - Sources tell Buzz Feed News a “disgruntled staffer” is behind the State Department site’s change of Trump and Pence’s biographies.
:link: Di

via Twitter

This is what I was trying to post

#SAM 434 (Boeing 757) descending near Dallas.

#SAM 453 (Being 737) landed at Seattle.

Boeing E-4B Nightwatch (747) airborne