Oh lord.

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Oh lord.

So sorry to hear about your girl.

I’m ready

Looking for first aid kit recommendations for home user novice

Home user?

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i doubt that this is for novice home user, but here you go:


Oh gosh so sorry :pray: stay well and quick healing

In mine I got:

  • hydrogen peroxide
  • bandages
  • pepto
  • Advil
  • fever reducers (kids)
  • cough syrup (adult & kids)
  • tums


Please update us if you remember to… :pray:t2::pray:t2: I hope she recovers quickly

Haven’t heard from Black on a while on here

God bless ur daughter and wish her a quick recovery

Ugh so sorry to hear! Sending prayers. The best laid plans…

Hang in there. Sending wishes and positive energies to you

:confused: I can see why Jeremy is concerned we reported on Spokane earlier in the feed on the 19th.

I hope she will recover and be back at home safely with you

That is unbelievable. So sorry.