Oh I’ve seen this before

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Oh I’ve seen this before

Be careful

A couple clips I saw in there have been debunked

Yes we’ve worked hard not to let that happen in the sequel

But 95% is accurate

I’m going to quote you on that hilarious sentence :wink:

Cases in missouri

Sometimes a fly gets in the sandwich. Sandwich still good.

Yes but it’s better to have no flies at all

Perhaps cutting the length a bit but checking more thoroughly each video


We are working on it

We are not journalists

Or desire to become Journalist

You could contact journalists for advice too perhaps

Knowledge of certain procedures on fact checking etc

That kind of stuff

Go ahead

I have no desire to be a journalist


Pass the game?

Pardon me but this sounds a bit contradictory, doing journalism work then saying you don’t want to be a journalist :slight_smile: whether or not you want to be one is irrelevant the moment you start doing this compiling and redistributing work of information, and if you want to do it well you have to be at a certain standard, else none will give you credibility

Lol bro

Has anyone heard of Thieves Oil?


CCP cleans up and cleans the world, pre-Flushing library activities in New York continue

I am simply giving you advice on how to make your content more widespread so as many people can see it, no need to “lol bro” me

Ghool what you do with the data is up to you

Not me

Yes but if you have bad data from the start…

I’ll stop here

Listen to what I say or don’t


Jining Rencheng Prison

Once again I have no desire to be a Journalist