oh god subtle and terrifying.

⤺ reposted by @hiddeninthegarden from 🇨🇳 The CCP has indeed begun general preparations for war

oh god subtle and terrifying.

trumps un-speech about china and the virus is also very interessting

Eviction startup gets gig workers to help landlords kick people out

How India’s ancient caste system is ruining lives in Silicon Valley

Incoming riots


Coronavirus: People who get flu and coronavirus will be in ‘serious trouble’, top health expert warns | UK News | Sky News

Meanwhile in NYC

History is repeating itself, a new cycle of chaos and misery will begin.

Let’s talk about cycles

They are right, We’re finally seeing the repeat of a ~60+ year long term cycle. 60’s and 70’s full of pro-wealth redistribution, anti-meritocracy bombings and terrorism.

(That’ve been mostly erased or ignored by history books)

Then it dwindled out for decades

Take a look at the past

Happened before — Could the pandemic lead to it happening again?

Haven’t you noticed that size of explosions and sophistication of explosive devices of protestors has been increasing.

From simple fireworks, to becoming more sophisticated.



very similar groups are re-emerging now in NYC

It’s all NYU type kids, plus a few crazy fucks mixed in, mostly well-off NYU type kids.

Devil’s advocate

  1. How much of China troop movements is India related and unrelated to Taiwan/US

  2. How much might truly be a routine exercise. If someone was watching a US exercise at National Training Center or Joint Readiness Training Center, it would look like war prep…because it is. Same motions.

Welp guess taking NYU off my list of potential MBA schools

This is one of the long-term cycles, that never stops cycling. It wasn’t a question of if, but when, and the when is now

mostly one side for decades, then mostly other side for decades — repeat forever, slowly alternating once every ~60 years.

Not only are we repeating a 60 year cycle we are also repeating an 80 year cycle


The 60 year cycle is different kind of cycle, occuring in parallel to the 80 year cycle.

It is very hard to dig up the true trends, they are heavily censored and manipulated by the Press, Government and Elites.

Let’s take a look at another example


(A) Pro wealth redistribution based on identity and 1 person = 1 share of wealth, regardless of merit


(B) Pro egalitarianism, purely based on merit, regardless of identity

Those are the 2 economic extremes

If Islamic Terrorism is placed in economic left category — then left terrorism demolishes the right.

World has headed to extreme (A), most bombings and organized financed attacks now favor extreme (A)

This one question — Which extreme is better — is everything

open borders vs closed borders is also closely connected question

Take a look

100% of them are communist

Bro I’m teaching class

Can you help yourself or not?

Obviously nearly all of the organized US terrorism is going to be radical left.

What I’m telling you, is big wave is coming that people haven’t realized yet.

Not even the Feds

US (Feds) has usually always killed it by tracking & stopping money flows.

Now nearly impossible!!!


I’ll tell you why

Because all can pretend to be “anti-racism” causes

Perfect disguise

This one that went by apt on 14th street, broke tons of stuff from washington sq park, up to 22nd — totally unstopped by cops

  1. Had external funding

  2. Had death to america flags

  3. Sophistication level and funding level steadily increasing

  4. And pandemics always guaranteed to trigger radical left riots

e.g. kill all landlords / Cancel Rent

Perfect Storm has arrived — and no one is willing to admit it yet

Listen to what she is saying

rig the elections or declare illegitimate

In the likely case the election ends up right, they already calling for, planning for, and fundraising for an uprising.

i.e. terrorism, i.e. arson and bombings

Already huge rise in arson in NYC lately

And here’s the truth

presidential power is nearly 100% foreign power

relatively very little domestic power, even in Space or Off-World.

despite what all the left thinks

that’s why — a right presidential win doesn’t neccessarily mean everything is suddenly magically fixed

50 years of it trending downward

In the US, Everyone assuming it will trend downward forever.

Dead wrong. Cycles repeat

And the Feds and DOJ have yet to wake the fuck up

Solid theory

NYC Unemployment rate now up to 20% and climbing

vs 4.3% last year

Bronx at 25%

Which equals

:fuelpump: :fire:

Riot Fuel

Full blown domestic terrorism potentially right around the corner

What will happen is full on bombs starting to appear too.

Are you all following?

Do you understand what we are saying and trying to teach you?

We will dive more into the cycles tomorrow.

We will dive more into the cycles tomorrow.

Add: unwinding of post-WW2 Nuremburg era consensus. Return of the Strong Gods by R R Reno is a good primer on this.

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About the Strauss–Howe generational theory and how we are in a time of chaos.

We will dig in more tomorrow but

Read up on how the current cycle of Violence is nothing new

Just a little bit of history repeated

“This is a world where nothing is solved. Someone once told me, time is a flat circle. Everything we’ve ever done or will do, we’re gonna do over and over and over again.”

Meanwhile in Mexico

So this is happening but … there is no Target at that location and no one is uploading video


Which means disinformation has reached Citizen App

Read comments to see what I meant

Louisville braces for impact of Breonna Taylor court decision

With maintaining OPSEC, I’ll let you know everyone is on edge here. No decision yet from the AG.

Now this is something you don’t see everyday.

Amish for POTUS hmmm :thinking:

Daily Caller (@DailyCaller) Tweeted:
A heckler yells at Chuck Schumer:

“You ain’t doin’ sh*t. Stop lying to the people.”

Another heckler yells “Jesus saves!”

Artillery units of the Azerbaijani army started intense fire against the Armenian positions in the Tovuz front