Of course the crickets are the only commentators at the pressers.

Of course the crickets are the only commentators at the pressers. Just like how you never hear about the Cold Case Task Force for Missing and Murdered American Indian and Native Alaskan Women that President Trump started to rescue victims and arrest perpetrators of human trafficking and domestic abuse on the Rez, as well as to bring closure to victims and their survivors. Look at the headline for DOI press release, verses the media headlines I will link subsequently. Also pay attention to the statements made by some of the same individuals cited in the press release, verses the shady slant of light cast by biased media spin. I mean the headlines and statements are bordering on ridiculous. They are too busy trying to blame Trump for things that their own agencies and tribal council members should have been doing in the first place to investigate and put a stop to this, most of which were occurring years before he took the oath of office.

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There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self.
Ernest Hemingway

Catholic encounters with Muslims frame ‘Fratelli tutti’ | National Catholic Reporter

The Pope takes another huge stride towards One World Religion.

“You could almost say this is an encyclical written with four hands. This is Pope Francis and the Grand Imam coming together.”

Abdel Salam, who is a former advisor to Imam al-Tayyeb and works for the Higher Committee on Human Fraternity to implement the joint document, said, “As a young Muslim scholar of Shari’a, Islam and its sciences, I find myself — with much love and enthusiasm—in agreement with the pope, and I share every word he has written in the encyclical.”

In the encyclical, Francis also wants to draw our attention to a lesser-known episode from St. Francis’ life. As Christian and Muslim armies were fighting in Egypt in 1219, St. Francis went to the camp of the Muslim sultan in a bid to make peace.

Francis concludes the encyclical with two prayers. One uses Trinitarian language and is meant for Christian communities and ecumenical contexts. The other is a “Prayer to the Creator,” which uses language that people of other religions — including Muslims and Jews — may feel comfortable with and could be used in some interfaith settings. During his pontificate, Francis has not shied away from opportunities for forms of interreligious prayer, and the fact that he put together a prayer that could be said by other believers is evidence of his deep esteem for those of other faiths, his confidence in the prayers of non-Christians and his recognition that, even amid our differences, there is so much that binds the human family together.

Nasa to make major announcement of ‘exciting news’ about the moon | The Independent

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"In reality, the Thule Society was much more than an
innocent study group: it was a secret brotherhood. The
emblem of the Thule Society was the swastika (facing
counter-clockwise like the Nazi symbol) and a dagger.

The name Thule referred to the old Ultima Thule, the Land of the North, the mythological homeland of the Teutons. Like Atlantis, legend had it that Thule was a
vanished civilisation.

The members of the Thule Society
believed that the lost civilisation of the Teutons had possessed psychic abilities that were far beyond the technical achievements of the twentieth century. They hoped to rediscover the secrets of this legendary civilisation through occult practises.

There were ‘Teutonic’ secret societies of this kind in Austria and Germany from the mid-nineteenth century. The spiritual concepts of these factions can be grouped
under the term ‘Ariosophy’, coined by the Austrian seer Guido von List.2 These Ariosophic groups were independent of each other organisationally, although many
of them were more or less closely linked through personal friendships and mutual

The notions of the Ariosophes referred to Hindu, Gnostic and hermetic ideas. Magical practises from early and medieval Teutonic times played an important
part and the different groups were influenced variously by the Pythagorists, the Neoplatonics, the British mystic Madame Blavatsky, the Rosicrucians, Jakob Böhme,Paracelsus and others. As different as the mystic/magical concepts of the individual
groups were, they were linked by their belief in the racist philosophy of Guido von List, which asserted the superiority of the Aryans. In their organisational structure,
rituals and terminology, the Ariosophic groups resembled the Freemasons, whom they nevertheless rejected due to their supposed ‘infiltration by Jews’. As with the Freemasons, there were different levels of initiation in the Ariosophes. The members
were gradually introduced to the practises of ritual magic. In these rituals, light, colours, rhythms, symbols or aromas were used to focus mental powers and channel
them in a specific direction. The Ariosophes believed this would enable them to bring
about changes on the material plane."

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