NYC: Based Gov. Andrew Cuomo: "If you're not willing to live with these rules, then I'm going to close the synagogues."

NYC: Based Gov. Andrew Cuomo: “If you’re not willing to live with these rules, then I’m going to close the synagogues.”

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I’m back was busy learning how to use a Forklift

Anybody know anything about Ospreys over Virginia right now?

what do you think of unions?

I can’t even make it halfway through that clip. That smug MFer makes my skin crawl.

I used to be pro union but since I joined one Ive become very skeptic on everything

Only existing market leaders are benefiting from coronavirus lockdowns

Police are requesting data from smart speakers

Did you know that the CEO of Starbucks doesn’t even drink Frappuccinos? And I think I found out why. Frappuccinos are full of refined sugar, natural and artificial flavors and a substance called caramel coloring. California recently added the caramel dye to its annual list of carcinogens that require warning labels.

This type of caramel is not what you do at home cooking sugar. This caramel color is produced by heating ammonia and sulfites under high pressure, which creates carcinogenic compounds. The caramel color is classified into four different classes; Class IV is the worst and is listed on the Starbucks Frappuccino label.

Whether you choose the regular or light version of a Frappuccino, you will receive a dose of this well-known carcinogen that has been shown to cause tumors in the liver, lungs and thyroid in rats and mice.

Azerbaijani/Turkish bombardment of civilian areas of Stepanakert has so far killed 21 civilians, 82 wounded, over 2700 facilities and other infrastructure destroyed while the world turns a blind eye to the first Christian nation being invaded!

Civilian infrastructures and population of Stepanakert, capital of Artsakh/NagornoKarabakh, attacked by Azerbaijan’i armed forces.

#ArtsakhStrong #IStandWithArmenia

Correspondent of Armenian TV Company Norayr Hovsepyan rescued an old lady trapped during the Azerbaijani bombing on civilian areas of Stepanakert.

The world looks the other way as war crimes are being committed on the first Christian nation!

This is what Azerbaijani/Turkish shelling of civilian areas of Stepanakert have done, children killed, homes and businesses destroyed, the world looks the other way!


United Nations / DoD nor NATO nowhere to be found.

Azerbaijani/Turkish bombardment of civilian areas of Stepanakert continues, these are war crimes!

#IStandWithArmenia #ArtsakhStrong

Anyone do #GoodwillChallenge ?


Waiting for this to arrive

Hand Coffe grinder

Hmm :thinking: POTUS Pizza :pizza: Party

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Good luck with that. They been trying hard in Catalonia, Spain without success. Yellow wests did protest every Saturday for a years and Macron did not resign. We have to build a new society rather than to try to destroy the old.

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So pretty! Where did you get it?

Why do you guys like Gold out of curiosity?


Turkish store in brooklyn they didn’t had a new the one that they had was broken so I got it at $10 and the guy was so nice to change it for a new one I just got to wait 1 week for it.


With it goes the roaster

Oooo shit

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