[NW Memorial Hospital - Chicago IL] RN fired for warning about ineffective PPE

Where: Northwestern Medicine Memorial Hospital, Chicago, Illinois, USA
Report: RN fired for warning about ineffective PPE

There seems to be a lot of censorship during this period. Hope she is doing well after being fired


Nothing fishy about getting fired for standing up to your rights as a health worker… only looking for complacent employees apparently. There’s such disrespect towards treating others as disposable . We need to protect those on the front lines. How dare the ministry not do better for those suffering endless shifts and doing their best in times of tragedy. Is there no union for nurses in the USA ?

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This should not be happening. In no job that involves first responders would they be required to go into a burning building without gear. Why are we not only expected to, but reprimanded if we don’t or if we question it? Are we not the symbols of health? Are we not the knowledgeable representing to the public what health practices look like? Doesn’t it discredit our medical credibility to not practice standard precautions?

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There seems to be lots of censorship in every country on this topic. because it involves how the country is prepared in general, and thus may be considered sensitive data. but what happened to this nurse, is injustice…