Now that China's crisis is settled, let's look at Iran's two billion second-hand masks.

:red_circle:اکنون که بحران چین برطرف شده، مواظب دو میلیارد ماسک دست دوم چینی به ایران باشیم. عذاب الهی عبرتشون نشده، دوباره دارن کثافتکاری میکنن، مواظب کثافت چینی ها، و بازرگانان احمق ایرانی باشیم. این فیلم وپیام روتا جایی که میتونید بازپخش کنید

Now that China’s crisis is settled, let’s look at Iran’s two billion second-hand masks. The divine torment has not been remedied, they are again filthy, beware of the filth of the Chinese, and stupid Iranian businessmen. This movie and Rota message where you can play

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Collecting used masks from garbage bins

:red_circle: چرا کادر درمان که از کرونا فوت میکنند ، بسیارجوان هستند؟

:red_circle: Why are treatment staff dying of coronary heart disease so young?


These people should go to jail for a long time

Are 'recoverd" people here?

At airports in India, citizens subject to home quarantine began to be marked with indelible ink indicating the terms of quarantine

#中共國 北京某小區,一男子全家開車闖關卡,恰逢小區北門值班全是體育局的人,有散打的,這小子倒霉,讓人打一頓。

中共 国 In a community in Beijing, a man’s family drove through the checkpoints. It happened that the North Gate of the community was on duty by the Sports Bureau. There were Sanda.

Foot ban and epidemic prevention are too backward, not only restricting personal freedom, but also hurting the economy. Also look at Taiwan and Japan, there is no foot ban, and the epidemic prevention effect is still very good!

I have been in direct contact with many local authorities, including all emergency branches. While this is a small area and we have limited resources, we do have access to some pretty good testing sites and virologists. The chatter I am hearing is that the RNA within the virus is absolutely tampered via CRISPR. Please put this out, not as a truth, but as a challenge for labs. I would honestly rather be proven wrong

This makes my blood boil, They should be named an shamed… Some single mums out their that can’t afford to pay over the odds for a tub of baby milk, Seriously this shit makes my heart bleed to think their could be babys going hungry because selfish idiots making money in times of a crisis :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: what fucking assholes

tbh… If anything, I would rob them and GIVE the milk to the mothers. This ain’t a time for greedy Bullshit

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So the virus could be a product out of a lab?

(hey guys Terrorism is canceled also wash :soap: your :raised_back_of_hand: hands.).

That’s what it’s looking like

I got the f out of nyc

Feels so damn good to get out of there

We had some announcement earlier by some scientists proclaiming that the virus can not be man made.

I guess “yeah sure”?

As I was packing my car sirens all around saw three ambulances and people with masks everywhere

I felt like I left a wardrobe

War zone


I had been plotting for weeks how to get out

What’s your arrangement at the moment? In the countryside, or in a trailer🙈