Notice the picture used for this article..

Notice the picture used for this article…

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“Clearly, no one really knows what’s going on,” Mr. Ahluwalia said. “But then you also have to have a certain sense that where there’s smoke, there may be fire.”

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“Jon Stokes, a former Silicon Valley prepper who left Silicon Valley for prepping reasons (he lives in Colorado now), echoed that sentiment. He said that he had stockpiled about four months’ worth of food, and recently purchased a stethoscope and a pulse oximeter that measures the oxygen saturation in red blood cells to monitor his family for signs of the virus.
“This exact situation is precisely what preppers prep for,” Mr. Stokes said. “Aside from the NatGeo or History Channel doomsday prepper, for ordinary preppers, this is kind of it for us. A pandemic, a shelter-in-place sort of thing, where you have to be self-sufficient for a few weeks or for a month or two. That’s what we do.”

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Source tells me 40 infected in Westchester, NY. Mostly Jewish.

Is cremation allowed in Judaism?
Indeed, it is precisely on theological grounds that the Torah bans cremation. Recognizing the divine image found in all human beings, the Torah prohibits leaving a body (or body part) unburied and even demands interring the bodies of criminals who receive the death penalty.Jan 2, 2019

Israel might have major problems

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If it spreads

Just as Iran

Cremation is not allowed

There’s a lot of great info here, but not a lot with sources with enough credibility to share elsewhere. My husband’s job emailed him today to say there is still no reason for him to cancel his upcoming flights to Sacramento. I want to give him info that he can send them to make sure they understand the risk they’re taking. He is responsible for the athletes he takes on the trips and I just don’t feel like it’s smart for him or for them. But I can’t send most of the stuff I’ve seen in this group.

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I told you that its a bad investment

to stick to plastics and biomedicals

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Transport industry is already in trouble

Which is why select transportation companies will thrive