Not sure this is quite the same as the Spanish Flu.

⤺ reposted by @JoshInTheCity from Military setting up structures here in North Las Vegas. Indictments? Training? Coronavirus???

Not sure this is quite the same as the Spanish Flu.

But I could see people volunteering for testing.

Me neither.

@RoWoJo76 Yo mano, any new cases in Amsterdam?

A father and son approached Sunday with symptoms of coronavirus. While they were being evaluated they left and the police intervened to re-isolate them.
Two Asian citizens broke the isolation protocol despite having symptoms compatible with coronavirus and were absent from Magdalena V Provincial Hospital. De Martínez, so the police had to intervene to return them to the clinic and continue with the corresponding steps.
It is a father and son, who had recently traveled to South Korea, who approached the hospital last Sunday with symptoms of the disease. In view of this, and especially in view of the young man’s recent trip, the protocol was carried out in the face of a possible case of coronavirus, which consists of internment for a period of 72 hours,
However, on Monday, they both left the site without any resistance, thus breaking with the necessary isolation while the samples of their analyses were verified at the Malbrán Institute.
For this reason he had the 2nd General Pacheco Tiger Police Station and the police personnel urged both citizens to return to the hospital, as for safety they could not interrupt the isolation.
The father was already asymptomatic, so he was able to return home, while the son (who had no symptoms) remains under observation while awaiting the outcome of the tests.

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The 1918 flu pandemic vs. the 2018 flu epidemic - The Washington Post


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A few, but from 13 persons the origin of infection is unknown😱