Not necessarily... A part of preparedness is not only food water medicine, but financials

⤺ reposted by @0x130fE5 from By the way the elderly centre where last Madrid's victim got infected. (20+ cases 4 in ICU) was opened today after been closed yesterday evening. No one give information to the elders....

If you don’t die you will be broke :joy: but very cool gadget

Not necessarily… A part of preparedness is not only food water medicine, but financials

:flushed: I feel that kid that didn’t get invited to the cool kids party


Don’t worry about it. It’s a self invite

We have been discussing how to invest on here.

I have been earning almost 30% everyday in the markets. With long puts and smart swing trades.

But you were invited, you got the link to get here. Lol. So welcome to the party. :wink:

You still have a shot… Aris posted stocks to pick from… Inovio for example went from 3.50 to 12.30 in two weeks… I killed it

I was trading INO today…

it was beautiful

I also used the information that the stocks were going to crash to buy smart long puts which are tripling my money

Today? Should have bought in sooner

I’ve been in…

Gibberish sorry :kissing_heart:

But glad to be here for other info :kissing_heart:


I truly believe that anyone can learn anything if they took some time to research just a little everyday.

After this pandemic calms down… I think i might get my PhD in Virology lmao…

I see that this Group has made an investment group that’s open to everyone who wants to join. :arrow_down:


That’s Me self-quarantining :arrow_up:. Remember that millionaires have bunkers for exactly this purpose.


If they say Masks don’t help why are in Asian Countries were them! I will wear mine

and why do all the medical professionals have them??

Exactly! Lol