Not know this information

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Not know this information

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#闢謠 照片中舉牌子寫的是:“新冠狀病毒回去!”不是中國人回去!:warning::x::warning::warning::x::warning:


#Bury rumor in the photo says: “Go back to the new coronavirus!” Not the Chinese back! :warning::x::warning::warning::x::warning:

Damn, these unscrupulous tweets lest the world be chaotic and confuse the Chinese with the Communist Party

Violence towards Chinese in Italy

Violence towards Chinese in Italy

这就是P4实验室。大杀器。 没有信仰的人绝对不能玩这个。 随时有可能毁灭人类。 (上)

This is the P4 laboratory. Great killer. People without faith must not play this. It is possible to destroy humanity at any time. (on)

First Sighting Hazmat in Rome :cry: :pensive:

:rage::rage::rage: shit stupid

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