Not just about kicking Trump off of Reddit

Not just about kicking Trump off of Reddit

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Talk about election interference. But I thought it was the Russians :rofl::rofl:

Read it :arrow_up::arrow_up::arrow_up:. Reddit being called out for its abuse.

Starting to finally call out the Karen campaign for exactly what it always was.

This is systematically being done

another way to divide and conquer

Hate against White Men / Asian Men / White older women (Karens) / White Younger Women (influencers) / Scientist :woman_scientist:t2:/ Academicians afraid of cancel culture / even Straight Black Men

Lol ok


It’s true the sentiments are there, that even Straight Black Men are the enemy of the radical left

we are so F’d up on a not pleasant note the Karens most likely are not preppers.

The “allies” to this movement think that they will be repaid the favor, when the movement takes over. What they don’t realize is that the movement will inevitably turn against them too.

First old whites, and then asians… now even straight black men starting to be considered too white for the movement.

Ally’s support the movement just because they think it profits them. By the time they realize that the movement aims to screw them too, too late.

Same on white side. Feminists fully onboard the movement at first, thinking they’d get a cut of the loot/treasure chest

Then definition expands, from old white men are evil, to white men are evil, to all whites are evil.

Once the white radical straight white feminists realize that they were used, because their own movement declared them the enemy too, it’s too late.

it is the standard ally & betray strategy of these hate movements.

Think of what I’ve said

Share it

Also delete TikTok

The Indian Government and U.S. Military are right

It’s basically a key logger app for the Chinese Intelligence Agency

Reddit shows how China/Chinaman think about other people’s. They have described each…

The family is the enemy. Without family you have nobody to turn to besides the government.

It’s more than just family


Chinese take-away has been infiltrating long time.

Yes in all sectors

From Tech to campuses to the radical left

Anything to destabilize America

And make them a global superpower

They have been training the youth for this over the last 10 years at least. And we paid for it :rofl::rofl:

We are at our most vulnerable

Yes, more more over the last 25 years or more only in a different fashion tik-tok ect