Not exactly yet, but here is an article about regarding Sars:

Not exactly yet, but here is an article about regarding Sars:

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This is why I bought a humidifier and a hygrometer to make sure the humidity in my room is 60%

What You think about that in report they told there were 9 type of unknown virus in the same time in Wuhan in December

Stony brook hospital has asian student from SBU in isolation for virus and media hasnt reported yet.

I knew this i tried telling the group this weeks ago but they asked me for proof.

Kenneth someone should report it to news 12

I have humidifier what’s a hygrometer? Any links?

Hygrometer measures the humidity so you can keep it at certain levels

My room in my house is my green zone! :laughing:

I’m telling you the media in New York has people :lock:’ed.

Or get a hydrometer and make wine!:wine_glass:

Maybe we should be buying stock in cleaning supplies and hand sanitizer

Problem is, they have to make more before they can sell it and earn revenue

Good idea

This will only last for so long before inventory clears out. Make sure you swing trade appropriately.

I should say I could imply that there will be some sort of bio terrorism going on… Look at the videos from China… Do not give me that head slap.

Primera muerte confirmada en los #EEUU Estados Unidos.

:black_small_square:El estado de Washington informa sobre la primera muerte en los Estados Unidos por coronavirus.

Some data points for you all. Forward to 1:20 min in. Evidently they released a mandatory vaccination program on December 1 in Wuhan. Dell is presenting the data

I do not speak Italian but live in WA state.

My apologies if this has been seen

No disrespect. It’s just this idea that either party is the good or bad guy in this is dangerous. They are both in on what is going on. This is well beyond keeping trump in office or getting someone else elected. In the end they don’t really care about that. It’s all a little game to them. They’re playing their part to make people believe they and parties matter.