(not 60k but 4k, still a lot though)

(not 60k but 4k, still a lot though)

⤺ reposted by @SkylanderDragon from two confirmed in Jakarta, Indonesia

Ohhhh dayummm

Still. This would explain the high death numbers (and the numbers that are hushed down by officials)

Still… Not official.
Is there any official sources?

The reason I wonder about that is that for instance Thailand is rumoured to use the diagnosis “viral pneumonia cases” instead of/or in addition to corona virus.
I believe there are huge differences in actual cases and the official (WHO) ones

Anyone find a timeline

Eg. If you get corona when shluld you start with symptons? Is thers a time bomb

Or is it jusg ahen you start feeling ill


Statistics says 2-27 days :man_shrugging:t3:

The higher number is of the rare cases. I didn’t check

an see if it has a rundown on the incubation time

Sorry. Wrong link.


They do have statistics. 2-14 days are the normal outcome. Up to 27 days in rare occasions

#Portugal confirm the first 2 cases

There’s an EU live stream now

Where it is ple


I can see it here

Don’t know if it’s viewable abroad

Commercial is lol

Yeah. 20-30 second commercials first

It’s working

Question: Latex gloves better than vinyl?

“Your young fellows”

Interesting words. It was just old people dying right.

Probably nothing but I thought I’d note it

I’m nurse assistant and i prefer vinyl gloves.

Lol conspiracy theory on conspiracy theories ? Haha I have a thought … gotta get off my chest. Don’t shoot me

What if leader of some flat world societies were actually hired or payed to preach and be role models to build on uncertainty and make people look stupid for beleiving in other conspiracy theories ?

:grin: sorry for the irrelativity to all the coronavirus discussion going on

Dow futures drop 300 points after volatile overnight session as market struggles to rebound

This is pre market! Good call @aries and team