North Dallas area.

⤺ reposted by @AriesAzazel from A woman who was initially released from quarantine by the CDC and later confirmed to have tested positive for COVID-19 spent time at North Star Mall and a hotel near the airport before going back into isolation, city leaders confirmed on Monday.


Yes. Just left. North Dallas area. No toilet paper of any kind and nearly all the dry food are gone. Probably 75% of the food is gone. They’re replacing the shelves with non food items. Talked to the manager and he said he wasn’t sure when they would get anymore toilet paper.

Every gouvernement need to made this step

No rice, beans, oats.

NYC still well stocked. For now


Wuhan airport hotel finds another case of Wuhan pneumonia

The local news has been talking a lot about the San Antonio case so I’m wondering if people in the Dallas area are starting to pay attention more.


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How empty is the mall?

Not sure I don’t go there. Other stores are running low. Went to two Kroger’s and the toilet paper was low as well as a few other things. Walmart had a lot of bare shelves.

I have to watch It :slight_smile: is it good?

Shenzhen airport hotel

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