nobody cares about your feelings - so why does she think anyone would care about how she is feeling?

Wednesday (Today)

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nobody cares about your feelings - so why does she think anyone would care about how she is feeling?

Relied in comfort for decades

If something happens it will be sudden and with no warning, millions won’t have time to prepare.

The cities are doomed, no chance to find supplies in urbe only option is to loot. Suburbia has open spaces and could survive with victory gardens. True winners are the farmlands they will survive.

When people analyze this truths without personal bias realize their true chances and plan accordingly.

The people in riots are not grasping their immediate future.


Let’s say an asteroid hits the planet, it will cause great damage. The people that prepared during quarantine to avoid stepping out for fears of getting covid are by proxy prepared with supplies.

Too many threats, so little time.

Think small.

Kenosha events might cause full blown civil war.

Young adults are the main group acting up. They believe they are full heros in a video game and don’t realize the consequences. Full force destroying society.

Both sides of the spectrum are acting up.

The only ones with a chance are the ones that stay apolitical.

Good Morning all.

looks like another interesting day

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This is what I’ve been stressing to everyone that’ll listen.

Military doesn’t take sides

i said interesting not slow , we know the world in general in burning. but this action is being undertaken by the few, its up to the educators to seed the world with knowledge and water the fires out.

Blue Wizards don’t take sides

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most complete video of Kenosha shooting i’ve found so far


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If not this, then the next one. They aren’t stopping until something does.

"Man shot near police —police say it was a suicide [self-inflicted] while witness say the officers shot the man; people are now rioting. "


Don Le-Man doesn’t like this

Seems like it was a Suicide.

Holy sheeet!

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