NJEM nCoV paper: Young, healthy patients getting sick Super-spreaders confirmed, including fast hospital acquired infection *26*% progression to severe respiratory and inflammatory symptoms Unexpected relapse/increased severity in patients with

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I actually know Matt.

Place like this would be ideal

This article claims;
China seek for court’s approval to kill the over 20,000 coronavirus patients to avoid further spread of the virus


You think they are going to ask lol :joy:

That’s a laughable article

The pits have been dug

And the tarp has been laid down

Our grandkids

Will study the satellite thermal images

From the NRO

In future textbooks on the Chinese response

You don’t invite outside help this would be a sign of weakness and the CCP would lose face

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A virus something like 15 nanometers it can float for miles. Don’t know how long it would love though. Think of pollen which is many microns it travels hundreds of meters. All viruses are airborne capable

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