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We are going to start doing Patch History

So we will start with Wizard Patches of the Black World/Projects

Then I have to log off I have a ton of Homework of my own I need to be doing. To keep preparing you guys

Remember all are invited into Doomsday/Azazel

You are all Humans

lets begin



Based at the Air Force’s secret base near Groom Lake, Nevada, the Special Projects Flight Test Squadron is the Air Force’s only “black” flight test squadron for classified prototype aircraft and advanced concept technology demonstrators. The squadron’s mascot is a wizard. A collection of six stars (5 + 1) on the patch references the unit’s operating location: the secret base known as Area 51. The lowercase Greek sigma symbol in the wizard’s right hand is the engineering symbol for the unknown value of an object’s radar cross section (RCS). The ideal radar signature of a stealth aircraft is zero.

While no stealth aircraft has yet achieved this goal, several have come close. On the right side of the patch, the falling globe references the hollow aluminum spheres dropped from the sky to calibrate radar equipment. A sphere of a given size has a known RCS value. Lightning bolts, such as the one emanating from the wizard’s staff, seem to refer to electronic warfare. The aircraft in the lower right is probably a generic symbol representing flight testing of advanced aircraft. The sword at the bottom of the; image refers to a recently declassified Boeing stealth demonstrator known as the “Bird of Prey”: the handle on the sword approximates the shape of the aircraft.

Doug Benjamin served as Chief of Safety at Detachment 3, AFFTC, before being assigned as commander of the Special Projects Flight Test Squadron in June 1996. He was the only Air Force pilot to fly the McDonnell Douglas/Boeing Bird of Prey. He flew 21 test flights including envelope expansion, mission utility, and tactical applications sorties. In April 1997, he was promoted to Operations Group commander. Following Benjamin’s retirement from military service in May 2000, it was revealed that he had flown three other classified aircraft during the last half of a 20-year Air Force career. His biography as presented for the 2004 “Gathering of Eagles” noted that he “flew on and commanded avariety of classified programs.”

It’s not known how many people belong to the unit, or when exactly it began, but its emblem offers some clues about its history.

THE SIGMA The sigma symbol in the wizard’s right hand refers to the zero-visibility goal of stealth air projects.

STARS The stars to the left of the wizard figure (apparently the squadron’s principal mascot) are arranged in a group of five with one outlier. They allude to Area 51, its Nevada base.

THE HILT The sword references a specific project that was later declassified: the Boeing-made “Bird of Prey,” which pioneered stealth technology that has since been applied to combat drones and other aircraft. Images of the plane made public years later revealed its unusual shape—one strikingly similar to the sword’s handle.

If by “not arson” you really mean “holy hell that’s A LOT of arson,” then yes…

Comments are gold


Let’s explain why the Press and FBI is denying

that arson is causing fire

It’s very simple

The FBI and MSM is lying to avoid a full on Civil War before 2020 Election.

Panic and rage are the trigger of more damage. Interpret the intel and use it to prepare.

The fires consequences are going to be felt faster than anyone thinks in everybody’s pockets.

But they’re perfectly fine with a full on civil war after the election if they don’t get their way. I don’t want one either way. The lying is only making people more angry and confused. It’s only serving to deteriorate trust and respect.

Now you understand why we had you all learn Indoor Farming

Gang this is the article accompanying the video @threeletteragent posted.

Since May 27th we kept you ahead.

I understand now why indoor gardening was stressed upon me in getting all of you ready.

We fully knew this was going to happen when the virus appeared and the world was shut down.

Indoor gardening is the only way to guaranteed fresh good because its in a controlled environment

If there is an explosion Radioactive or EMP

There will be fires.

Millions of years ago dinosaurs got extinct that way. The fires caused smog that blocked the sun, no photosynthesis, no food. They starved to death. The carnivorous died the last.

Fires are just West Coast, what they did is handicap our food source.

Marshall Law will not be inacted upon until triggered by a full on Civil War.

When you realize deep inside and accept that not everyone can be saved you start preparing differently.

We feel bad for everyone but it is not our job, we have our own pressing matters, to prepare for collapse.

Half million people has been displaced from their home.

Imagine if that was the country or the whole world, everyone competing for shelter, food and resources.

This is the main reason why is paramount to conceal the preparedness.

This is why from day one we have stressed OPSEC

People who are hungry will organize and raid whoever has supplies.

Panic is in the air, all over the West Coast.

Hard but true

This is why the people in certain military teams have a mandate to be apolitical

If you belong to a side no matter what you tell me, you will enlist people on your side and let the other perish

They are above all that

We shall start thinking what to do with needy normie neighbors when SHTF

The indoor gardening instructions was done between April and June, if you planted in May, you got 3 months to get a hand of what works and what not and maybe you got going on a full set of veggies or herbs in the works.

Add to the mix, social media. People are refusing to evacuate for fears of their homes been looted.