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There used to be online a documentary called “Pentagon Strike”, that thoroughly documented how a missile struck the Pentagon on 9-11. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to find it once it was taken offline, like in 2003

About arson… I received this video but unfortunately without any additional information

The fuck is this

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Can you find out where it?

:snowflake: #CATACLISMS
:us: While California and Oregon are plagued by heat waves, snow fell across much of central Wyoming on the night of September 7 and continuing into the morning of September 8.
A powerful snowstorm is currently impacting the higher elevations of Montana. The storm has forced Beartooth Pass to close down on the Wyoming side due to extreme conditions on the pass. The heavy snow has accumulated at Red Lodge, MT with tree branches down across the town.
A Yellowstone National Park visitor caught snow-drenched bison on camera

:snowflake: #КАТАКЛИЗМЫ
:us: В то время как Калифорния и Орегон страдают от аномальной жары, в Вайоминге в ночь с 7 на 8 сентября обрушилась снежная буря!
Сильная метель обрушилась на возвышенности Монтаны. Шторм вынудил закрыть перевал Медвежий Зуб, а в штате Монтана ветви деревьев опускаются под гнетом снега
Йеллоустонский национальный парк, как и другие районы Вайоминга, тоже засыпан летним снегом.

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Somewhere in Canada the train with new autos turned onto the track only for tank cars and did not have time to brake. The estimated damage was $ 2 million. Сars turned into convertibles

Где-то в Канаде поезд с новыми тачками свернул на путь только для вагонов с цистернами и не успел затормозить. Примерный ущерб составил $2 млн. Получились кабриолеты

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:pakistan: #PAKISTAN
4 people were killed and 8 were injured in a fire in a three-story building in #Karachi
The fire broke out in the cushion factory located on the first floor, which then spread from to the entire building

:pakistan: #ПАКИСТАН
4 человека погибли, еще 8 получили ранения в результате пожара в трехэтажном доме в #Карачи
Пожар вспыхнул на фабрике подушек, расположенной на первом этаже, и затем перекинулся на все здание

:us::ru: The U.S. Air Force flew three B-1 heavy bombers over the East Siberian Sea, north of Russia’s far east, as part of a series of recent maneuvers
On September 10, three B-1B Lancer strategic bombers from the 345th Bomber Squadron of the 489th Bomber Group of the 307th Bomber Wing of the US Air Force Reserve from Dyess Air Base (Texas) flew into the Arctic waters of Russia to Wrangel Island and the New Siberian Islands.
At the end of the 14-hour flight from Texas to the East Siberian Sea, the Lancers landed at at Eilson Air Force Base in Alaska.

:us::ru: 10 сентября три стратегических бомбардировщика B-1B Lancer из состава 345-й бомбардировочной эскадрильи 489-й бомбардировочной группы 307-го бомбардировочного крыла резерва ВВС США с авиабазы Дайесс (Техас) совершили полет в арктические воды России к острову Врангеля и Новосибирским островам.
По завершении 14-часового рейда все три бомбардировщика совершили посадку на авиабазе Эйлсон на Аляске

:iran: #IRAN
As part of the military exercises Zulfikar-99
:small_blue_diamond:Iran Launches Qader Anti-Ship Missiles
:small_blue_diamond: demonstrated the launch of an anti-ship missile from the Ghadir mini-submarine using the Jask-2 underwater launch system
:small_blue_diamond: The IRGC Navy used adjustable ammunition from the Simorgh drone (the marine version of the Shahed-129 UAV)

:iran: #ИРАН
В рамках военных учений Зульфикар-99
:small_blue_diamond:Иран провел пуски противокорабельных ракет Qader
:small_blue_diamond:продемонстрировал пуск противокорабельной ракеты с борта мини-субмарины Ghadir c помощью системы подводного запуска Jask-2
:small_blue_diamond:ВМС КСИР применили корректируемый боеприпас с беспилотника Simorgh (морская версия БПЛА Shahed-129)

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All the same, we know so little about our own planet!

:us::cn: U.S. Spy Plane RC-135W Rivet Joint Impersonates Malaysian Aircraft, to Fool China
The caper was outed on Twitter by a think tank operated by the Chinese government
:white_small_square:U.S. Air Force RC-135W reconnaissance aircraft carried out several flights off China’s Hainan island
:white_small_square:The plane switched its transponder code in mid-flight, mysteriously becoming a Malaysian airplane.
:white_small_square:RC-135W was trying to keep a low profile while it spied on Chinese military bases :grin:

:us::cn: Самолет-разведчик ВВС США RC-135W Rivet Joint совершил несколько полетов над китайским островом Хайнань, выдав себя за малазийский самолет
Об этом сообщил в Twitter аналитический центр, управляемый правительством Китая
:white_small_square:Самолет переключил свой транспондер в середине полета, и таким образом превратился в “малазийца” :grin:


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:fr: Several hundred demonstrators gathered at two squares in Paris for authorised marches against coronavirus measures.

:fr: Сегодня в Париже снова начались столкновения полиции и желтых жилетов, призывающих к забастовке против коронавирусных мер

:fr: French authorities deployed a heavy police, which used tear gas against demonstrators on Saturday

:fr: Полиция применила против демонстрантов слезоточивый газ

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The pharmaceutical industry has antibody trials but refused to release data from just the binding agent before the neutralizing agent has been built by the bodies immune system. It took macaque monkeys (all with mild cases of corona) an additional 2 weeks for neutralizing antibodies to be formed with the vaccine. Every vaccine on the market; and specifically moderna, will cause ADE like dengue vaccine and many more over the past 20 uears. Likely every vaccine on the market will be dangerous because of ADE.
From the research led by virologist Chao Shan at the Chinese Academy of Sciences Wuhan Institute of Virology, found that rhesus macaques infected with the coronavirus had a fairly mild illness. None developed fevers and only mild ground glass opacity in the lungs.
This is not a good analog test for man. There is zero data showing safe or effective unless you cherrypick only select data points and ignore everything else.
A forced vaccine is reason to go to war to defend your life in self defense. If your immune system can handle corona it doesn’t need these vaccines (heal faster without ADE with fewer complications) or your immune system can’t handle corona and ADE makes it even harder for your body to fight back.
Based on all released data: no coronavirus vaccine is safe or effective even compared to just getting the virus