Nigella sativa L. (Black Cumin): A Promising Natural Remedy for Wide Range of Illnesses

⤺ reposted by @ONAUMA from Hydroxychloroquine wasn't expensive enough to be a treatment, so it was vilified.

I have this for my family.

its good stuff…back in days only kings and sultans could afford it

and it was a “royal” medicine

see it helps to battle cancer, pharma doesnt wont people to know about it

cancer patients are big money for hospitals and doctors ( loyal customers),they milk those till the end of their lives

“Kaiser Permanente, one of the country’s largest health care organizations, is providing rushed and sloppy mental health treatment in California by an overburdened staff — even though the company makes billions in profits, according to a new report.”

(2011 and nothing changed)

Earth Atmosphere Research… #Atmosphere #Science #Instruments #Intel Locations where DL are placed, and all other instruments used…downloadable handbooks etc…

Quake just now…
“Ascension Island”

I think their booming all the bunkers…


Ok I cant find the news article on search engines but got screenshots from 20th june…

Seems to have been removed smh

Will keep looking for the document of abdication

Trump has stepped up his game to get her paedophile son to testify/ help with enquiries. His reply was… only if hes offered an olive branch :eyes:

Iceland experiences 9,000 earthquakes in 10 Days

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Thanks for sharing these replies :pray::blush: yes - finding any way at all - of remaining calm is the key :ok_hand:

:pray::pray: yes

No low tone emotion, no food. But it’s super difficult to convince a kid not to be frightened of something scary. Hugs to you. Glad you figured it out!! :purple_heart:

That video was 2019… no idea why its attached. But the earthquakes are current

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Flu virus with ‘pandemic potential’ found in China - BBC News

:cn: China releasing more viruses because why not?!

Another swine flu but this time even worse

Sleep paralysis is really annoying I had that last night

Focus on moving your fingertips. When you succeed in that you can jerk yourself out of it.

B 15 minutes candle watching before sleep. Quartz your four corner of your bed. Psalm 4.

Download the books you need to survive and rebuild. Place files in Faraday cage afterwards.

China passes Hong Kong security law, deepening fears for future | News | Al Jazeera