Nicely stocked up. What about the freezer?

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Nicely stocked up. What about the freezer?

Honey is sooo expensive right now but yeah

What is niche you can stock up on

For trade


She has that covered

Oh sorry misses that

Sugar maybe

Hmm :thinking:

Freezer… well, I bought thirty loaves of bread and then realised that was dumb as it takes up too much space. Lots of butter and red meat. I bought a lot of bacon as it’s in sealed flat packs and they take less room

Lamb and beef

Show us the meats

Frozen raw eggs

Well done @Petadee :+1:t2::+1:t2:

Meats are in my garage, and it’s 11pm but I can show you frozen eggs

Hold on

I just bought another freezer so I’m off to the shops tomorrow

Send pics of buys

Will do

Congrats on new freezer

I watched a YouTube video on how to freezer raw eggs. You put them in muffin tins. Just crack them in, freeze and then bag.

Good idea

Are you stocked up on medications and first aid stuff?

I’m a 51 year old mum, married to a trucker. If I can do this, anyone can. If you have a little savings or if even use a credit card if I needed too