Nicely done

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Nicely done


So Chinese telling me to upload my library on my side

Because they are being censored

On there end

We need more from the crematoriums thatll be gold

No the party would not let

Something like that slip out

I mean I have been trying

Yea i figured

So the earlier videos

In the Chinese group

Have like a haze

Over them

A filter

So when the Chinese watch it

From the mainland

They can only hear it but not see it

Oh this is cool

A shortwave radio :radio: guide

just joined , clueless but curiouse as to what is happening/?

Scroll up :slight_smile:

you have the limit visibility of previous content before i joined [on]

Try again

Scroll up

Interesting there is a spook in the group

Brb kicking :leg: out

A spook?

It’s gone

Anyway we will get some new video batches

In a bit

10 dollars for cauliflower

still cant scroll

whats the deal with coronavirus

Here is an example of the censorship filter

Here is the original

Man I’m so happy I saved these

What’s up w the birds

The birbs know

The birds know what?