nice lovely stay at The Spa this fall

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nice lovely stay at The Spa this fall


Gun sales continue to soar at record highs in August as riots rage on

:cn: #CHINA :taiwan: #TAIWAN
A map of a possible PLA landing operation against an island belonging to Taiwan appeared on the Chinese resources
In total, about 30 fighters and 7 PLA warships were trained in southwestern Taiwan
Taiwan’s Ministry of National Defense held an emergency press conference on the evening of September 10 to express its outrage

:cn: #КИТАЙ :taiwan: #ТАЙВАНЬ
На китайских ресурсах появилась карта возможной десантной операции НОАК против остров, принадлежащих Тайваню
В общей сложности на юго-западе Тайваня прошли подготовку в около 30 истребителей и 7 боевых кораблей НОАК
Министерство национальной обороны Тайваня провело вечером 10 сентября экстренную пресс-конференцию, чтобы выразить свое возмущение

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:djibouti: Satellite images of a large PLA naval base in Djibouti, East Africa

:cn: #КИТАЙ
:djibouti: Спутниковые снимки крупной военно-морской базы НОАК в Джибути (Восточная Африка)

:cn: #CHINA :ru: #RUSSIA
PLA units arrive in Russia to participate in the Kavkaz-2020 strategic command and staff exercises

:cn: #КИТАЙ :ru: #РОССИЯ
В Россию для участия в стратегических командно-штабных учениях «Кавказ-2020» прибывают подразделения НОАК

:cn: #CHINA :jp: #JAPAN
JAPAN on Friday pledged to devise a new missile defence plan that could potentially grant its military the ability to strike land targets in China.
Tokyo has been increasingly concerned by Beijing’s military activity around the disputed Senkaku/Diaoyu Islands in the East China Sea.

:cn: #КИТАЙ :jp: #ЯПОНИЯ
11 сентября ЯПОНИЯ пообещала разработать новый план противоракетной обороны, который позволит ее вооруженным силам возможность поражать наземные цели в Китае.
Токио все больше беспокоит военная активность Пекина вокруг спорных островов Сэнкаку / Дяоюйдао в Восточно-Китайском море.

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India Deploys T-72 Tanks in Ladakh to Counter China’s Military Build-up. 174 tanks transferred to the disputed border
On video convoy of Indian Army T-72 Tanks execute manoeuvres in the icy Plateaus of the Ladakh region, bordering Tibet.
High altitude Tank Warfare have, in fact, been the hallmark of Indian Military operation, since the birth of the Nation.

:cn: #КИТАЙ :india: #ИНДИЯ
Индия разместила боевые танки Т-72 в Ладакхе для противодействия наращиванию военной мощи Китая, перебросив 174 танков на спорную границу
На видео колонна танков выполняет маневры на ледяных плато в районе Ладакха, граничащем с Тибетом.
Надо сказать, что танковые войны на большой высоте были отличительной чертой индийских военных операций

:arrow_up: :arrow_up: :arrow_up: Only one question - how do Chinese manage to participate in squabbles in all parts of the world ?! Lol

Delta Force soldier who helped save 70 ISIS hostages from execution in daring raid receives Medal of Honor from President Trump. Sgt. Major Thomas Payne said he joined the military because of 9/11.

17 Deployments :flushed:

Graphic: COVID-19 has plunged more people of color into food insecurity - Investigate MidwestInvestigate Midwest

Florida Reopens Bars and Schools in Risky Return to Normality - Bloomberg

Meanwhile in Greece

Send in field reports

Specifically keep an eye on the lids for Mason Jars

This is the format for field reports

Please pay extra attention to Canned food increases.

Stores are being depleted

Even the 99 cents stores.

Before you discard a Mayo or pickles container try the top in a mason jar

:elephant: If you’ve never heard as elephant snore, turn up the volume
Если вы никогда не слышали как спит слон - cделайте звук погромче
Доброй ночи! :wink:

:baby:t2::monkey_face: Human and chimpanzee genes match 99 percent…
Гены человека и шимпанзе совпадают на 99 процентов…


Fires not crossing the border?



Wow Seattle is worst? Interesting

Was expecting SF/bay area cities

Ashland, Oregon


Nine times out of 10, 2 good four-
wheel-drive truck will make a better
bug-out vehicle than a motorcycle.
But what about your tricked-out Ford
Raptor’s inability to split lanes in
gridlocked traffic, climb impossibly
steep hills, or boondock through the
wilderness on a single-track trail?
These are just some of the venues
in which motorcycles are superior to
four-wheeled vehicles. Compared to
traveling on foot, bikes allow you to
cover more ground faster, and while
carrying vastly more weight than you
can haul on your own back. Simply
put, motorcycles are not the end-all,
be-all of bug-out vehicles, but there
are numerous scenarios in which bikes are the perfect option.

And fuel economy

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