NH's 1st Coronavirus Patient, Told to Stay Isolated, Went to Event, Officials Say

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And this is how we get Marshall Law. Because people are fucking stupid.

or well “local” Marshall Law because at some point, people like this will be dealt with in a very harsh way.

On Feb 14th I had this to say: My faith in the average citizen to do the right thing like self quarantine is pretty low. Today in my part of Canada it was minus 10 degrees C, and sunny. A woman was walking in a miniskirt, bare legs turned bright pink from the cold - and certainly no hat - out with her boyfriend. From the colour of her skin she’d been walking for a while. Point of this is that people are super free to wear no coat/hat or long pants in dangerously cold weather. Killer cold. Free to use their brain, or not. Highly skeptical the same mindset can be trusted to self-quarantine or deploy basic, protective things - let alone make some sacrifices - in a crisis. Depressing.

I was gonna say something… But I’d rather not get political…

Aries read this… from my biz partner in Port Townsend

Our good friend Rachel O’Connor is an EMT and Search and Rescue medical tech. She was asked to put in a shift by the WA Dep of Health, working the covid19 hotline. She shared this tonight after her shift. It is quite intense.


Ok everyone in the Seattle area, buckle up. This is what I have learned straight from the CDC and epidemiology team here, the Washington State Department of Health and many medical providers I spoke to during my shift at the call center today. None of it was surprising but a lot of it was shocking. The criteria for getting tested per current guidelines are this:

  1. Fever plus respiratory distress (labored breathing)


  1. Travel within the last 14 days in China, South Korea, Italy, Japan or Iran



A contact means a direct family member or a patient/care provider contact.

It does not mean that if you went to a college and someone was diagnosed at the college that you didnt come into contact with that you will be tested.

It does not mean that if your mom spent time with someone diagnosed and now you have symptoms that you will be tested. This only means direct confirmed contact with a diagnosed individual.

Here is what else I learned:

  1. This is very rapidly spreading in our area. Hundreds of people have been calling each hour with symptoms. These symptoms could be indicative of common flu but the thought is that many of these cases are presenting differently.
  2. Most people, especially those who are not elderly, get significant flu symptoms and then get better. The symptoms I am hearing over and over are fever, dry cough, body aches, chills and sore throat.
    3.I am not hearing a lot about nausea, vomiting, runny nose or sneezing
  3. Doctors from large departments at hospitals are calling in for guidance with patients. They are unclear on best practices with this virus as that recommended guidelines are rapidly shifting.
  4. Communication between all the major players and the hospitals are difficult because things are changing so quickly.
  5. Healthcare providers in our area are running out of masks and other personal protective gear and there is a struggle to provide more.
  6. Healthcare providers I spoke to today are very concerned about their personal well being and their ability to care for their patients and protect them from infection.
  7. We do not know when more tests will be available and if the testing criteria will change. We do not know when more masks and gloves will be made available to providers.

If you have any of these above identified symptoms, stay home for a minimum of 14 days. Unless you meet the protocol listed above, you most likely will not be tested.

If you have these symptoms and they worsen to the point of feeling like you need medical care, call the hospital or clinic and ask what you should do.

Right now, people calling in with moderate to severe symptoms are being told that there are not beds or rooms in the hospitals and clinics readily available to them. You should be prepared to have a delay in medical care unless your symptoms are acute.

As of today, I am going to do my best to quarantine my entire family. I am not alarmist and I am measured in my thinking. It is very possible that many of us already have exposure to the virus but I hope that if enough people stay home, we might be able to mitigate the spread.

I am by no means someone you should consult for medical advice. I know nothing. I am only reporting what I have learned and unfortunately, it seems like almost all of us, including extremely educated medical providers, know very little.

Wishing you all the best of luck in this mess :heartbeat:

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Aries this from another friend in Seattle

yeah, my wife was just blocked by security at Childrens Hospital in Seattle, who screened my 4yr old daughter and tried to send them home without seeing a doctor. She had a temp of 103… We haven’t seen anything yet.

So the public is unaware how to behave

At least the Italians ran away

From cases

Head will roll after all is said and down

Wall Street

Silicon Valley


Not educating the severity of the situation to the public

Instead pushing it under the rug