News reporter states government will not provide unedited video of shooting and claims they were shooting dogs

News reporter states government will not provide unedited video of shooting and claims they were shooting dogs

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Rabid dogs lol :joy:, you are telling me Animal Control has 2 automatic rifles and a handgun for killing rabid dogs. While regular policemen have none. Yea I’m not buying that one. If it was Rabid Dogs and not a MSS hit team. Animal control would use .22 a caliber not a QBZ-95.

I have a boner for the Norinco guns. QBZ looks decent


But take these, we have to censor/filter Information for the General Public with grain of salt.

They all (Media/Press/Governments) have culpability

For lying to all of you

And the deaths that are to come

All simply to maintain the illusion of normalcy and keeping up the economy

Indeed. I know it’s been getting worse and worse… A lot of my family refuses to believe me despite me showing them evidence of this shit…

Sad to say we will all be experiencing a collective

“I told you so”


The worst part is when your family doesn’t believe you. I have to ostracize myself from them.

As for the Rabid Dog excuse, it’s bullshit. We’ve posted video of Red Arm Band members beat a stray dog to death with a stick, simply not to waste the time of the local police and waste a bullet.

It’s getting biblical

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Was everyone clean shaven when you did gas mask training

Yea we posted it 3 weeks ago

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I think the news reported proved the government is lying…

They are all lying

I won’t lie to you

#中共國 邢台,檢測點全部撤離,為復工做準備!# 中共 国 Xingtai, all inspection sites are being evacuated in preparation for resumption of work!

紧急消息,根据台湾荣民总总医院(台湾最优秀的医院)胸腔内科主治医师,医学博士苏一峰引用欧美研究显示,由于武汉病毒的一个基因变异变异点,其增加的人体ACE2的表现,有5个 包括日本弥生人,、南方汉族,越南人越南人,北方汉族和傣族!也就是病毒确实确实属于O系!欧美欧美人风险很低!:scream::scream::scream::scream: Urgent news, according to Su Yifeng, MD, chief physician of the Department of Thoracic Medicine, Taiwan Rongmin General Hospital (the best hospital in Taiwan), citing European and American studies showing that due to a genetic mutation of Wuhan virus, its increased expression of human ACE2 has 5 include Yayoi in Japan, Han people in the South, Vietnamese in Vietnam, Han people in the North and Wa people! That is, the virus really belongs to the O line! The risk is very low in Europe and America! :scream::scream::scream::scream:

MOSCOW, December 3. The Russian government submitted a draft basic law on Russia’s biological security

济宁官方辟谣,说“解散所有微信群”是谣言。 但是看评论发现,当地大部分微信群都被勒令解散了。 造谣式辟谣大概是你党的执政特色。
Jining official rumors said that “dissolving all WeChat groups” is a rumor. But looking at the comments, we found that most of the local WeChat groups were ordered to disband. Rumor-making rumors are probably the governing characteristics of your party.
I think the dissolution of the WeChat group is a new measure second only to the disconnection of the Internet. Maintaining the state of the people’s scattered sand is important to maintain stability.
What happened in Jining?