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Good thing I’m independent

Let me show you something

Jan 22nd the CDC knew NYC had infected in the city.

For over a week

That means since January 15th 2020, NYC already had a Coronavirus case. At Wyckoff Hospital.

Whoever came in contact with this man, on his way back from China is also infected.

I know that every government is lying to us.
I’m looking for some information here, in Spain. I really think that latest numbers about common flu are hiding coronavirus cases. I can relate.
I work like nurse assistant…

If the French are lying :lying_face:

Then so are the Spaniards

:fr::biohazard: CORONAVIRUS in France.

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Is this plausible ?
Yes it is.

In the last hours, hundreds of french nationals were taken back by plane from China. And put into quarantine.

And in the last hours ALL the french press published the same kind of articles (picture related).
“Why quarantine is cool?”, “What is it like to live in quarantine?”, funny livestreaming from inside, jokes with The Walking Dead and Shutter Island, nice pictures of the gardens of the quarantine center.

It is a bit too much. Like if they were trying to calm the crowd and avoid panic. Maybe not. But they are exagarely calm and funny.

So it’s very plausible they are waging information warfare. Giving orders to the press so they adopt a neutral and funny tone. And maybe avoiding certain information to spread.

However, it doesn’t necessary mean the country is facing a pandemic.

It just means they are feeling an urge to control what information is spreading

Now ask yourself why they feel this urge ?

One thing’s for sure. They can’t debunk this. Uploaded today by the Wall Street Journal. I know this is impossible to do at the moment, but if we don’t ban all forms of international travel, we’re definitely doomed considering the longevity of incubation, asymptomatic and airborne nature of this virus [perfect cocktail to sustain infections]. Doesn’t take a genius to figure this out. Also, it’s important to note what a YouTube comment there stated, “The media is always a month behind what the people already know.”. So, should you wait for your nation’s mouthpieces and media networks for their words of wisdom? I don’t think so.

That’s why you are all here

To stay ahead of the curve

In real time

This channel is filled with unedited footage from Wuhan and affected cities, filmed by citizens, shows the reality of the Coronavirus outbreak and government response Some of the worst aspects of human nature are documented for the purposes of preparation.

It’s only a matter of time in which I will have to change it to

“Unedited footage from around the world”

They down playing it dont want to create panic