New York currently on a 14 day backlog of bodies - New York State Funeral Directors

From NYC Azazel operatives

“NYC update

Just caught up with a friend of mine who is a funeral director in New York and we are currently at 14 day backlog of bodies.

There’s a weekly funeral Directors call with the governors office

Cuomo and de Blasio will not authorize out of state funeral directors and people whose licenses lapsed to get involved, The same way they did with nurses.

And at the same time we ran out of body bags so they’re putting bodies into the FEMA bags which Burn at much higher heat. Even though crematoriums are requesting that they don’t do that.

Two crematoriums caught fire and had to be shut down in the past week and all crematoriums are running 24 hours at this point”

There are 45 mobile morgues, refrigerated trucks and hospital morgues— bodies that aren’t claimed are being routed to hart island, Where they’re being buried in shallow graves three deep.

We have a couple hundred funeral homes in New York City but mostly they’re dealing with claimed bodies”

Things are getting worse :mask:


This is unbelievable, how bad is it going to get :frowning:

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Reading this was so eerie because it reminded me of the original outbreak in Wuhan, China.

There’s a couple of similarities here. I remember billionaire Miles Guo being interviewed on Steve Bannon‘s show War Room. Guo was getting the message out that the CCP was concealing the real death tolls from the rest of the world.

That the crematoriums were running 24 hours. Now New York City has the crematoriums running 24 hours.

Did America not learn anything from the Chinese outbreak??

Or is America too arrogant to believe that it could happen to them??

And now American people have to go into mass graves. The same thing happened to the Chinese. But the Americans had so much more time to prepare. :thinking:

Is this because both Chinese and American lives are equally dispensable to these governments?


This is heartbreaking, what a disaster. It’s about time the actual news starts coming to light…:pensive:

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BlackMamba, well said :flushed:

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I was thinking the same thing. Also when I saw the mass graves in the satellite photos from Iran I remember thinking about how arrogant people were being thinking that it wasn’t a preview of our future. Now here we are.

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So sad… incredibly grateful for the people who must be working non-stop to help ‘clean up’. What an unfortunate time to have lost a loved one and not be able to provide proper services for the grieving. God bless all the essential staff everywhere :pray:t3: