New UV oven

New UV oven

⤺ reposted by @AriesAzazel from Does anyone think someone out there is experimenting with frequency to eliminate Covid?

MissEm :arrow_up:

Cost? Model?

A true story:
My 9 year old son has more insight than our politicians about the corona virus and no I haven’t informed him one bit.
He says if the corona virus comes to his village (will probably be very soon) then he refuses to go to school.

Take that politicians! Beaten by a 9 year old!

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:lebanon: – Part of the constant disinfecting procedures taken by the health ministry in the Lebanese international airport.


He should stop going to the school BEFORE it’s here. Because incubation period and asymptomatic patients.

When it’s already “here” it’d be a bit late.

I have a runny nose and keeps pn coughing

Runny nose is not usually the symptom of covid19.

Fever, Dry Cough, Shortness of Breath

In coughing

Im coughing

Are you working or a student? Consider taking a few days off.

Business but i do business online

I read runny nose is a symptom too

If you haven’t been in contact with a lot of strangers the chance of getting this is relatively low.

Oh ok! Anyway be vigilant but not overly anxious.

Been using uber and grab

We have debated alot about the risk vector this poses

And also optimizing for comfort as often the psychological aspects of quarantine are the hardest to deal with

But these delivery men go to everyone’s houses

But i find still hard to believe this is covid19