New coronavirus may spread as an airborne aerosol, like SARS

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These fuckers have been flip flopping on that for weeks

Here is CGTN’s explanation(now defined as a Chinese government agent in the US)

These individuals are infected and purposely infecting others
Spitting at nurses at the hospitals
Contaminating car handles
To disrupt the economy and end lives
Yes this is not a coincidence
This is what all the Intelligence Agencies are working on
In China, Taiwan, the Cruiseships, Hong Kong, Vietnam, South Korea and Japan

Are they in America???

It is not a coincidence, look at the evidence

Tell me Mercy why would 3 Officers from Ministry of State Security (MSS) walk around WuHan with Automatic Weapons in broad day light

Tracking the Super Spreaders Cell. Do not trust the media, the Coronavirus is an attack. Since gathering the leaks I have noticed some similarities between the Bioterrorist cells operating in both the mainland and Taiwan since yesterday. I’m sharing these videos asking if you notice a pattern or anything familiar or similar among these Bioterrorist /Super Spreaders. Every Intelligence Agency is trying to solve this puzzle. Who are they??? Also how did some get from the Mainland into Taiwan under such heightened scrutiny since the Pandemic has started. Please share you’re thoughts. The operative that’s spitting on the Escalator in Taiwan might be the same operative spitting inside the glasses in the Chinese IKEA store. He also might be on one of the elevator cameras. How did these operatives get from the Mainland to China? Or is it a separate call? That’s decentralized? Who the fuck are these people? To the room I ask Does anyone recognize any patterns? Or mannerism? Taiwan the guy in front of the spitter has a spotter, he’s wearing a camouflage jacket :coat: The guy in this Chinese IKEA spitting inside the glasses in the mainland also has camouflage jacket. Are these 2 the same men? Also them documenting the deed and working in teams? Will we be seeing a Manifesto soon? Or is this proof for payment or for release of contract? I do not believe in coincidences. Thoughts???

@Laikadog :arrow_up:

Look why are they recording themselves spitting on buttons. Why??? Because they are going to release Terrorist Manifesto video

I hadn’t thought about the bio terrorism scenario

Lol you need to start scrolling up

And read it all

Hey guys, I have added one of my close friends to this chat . She is still young and in highschool, but very aware and really really wanted to know the truth, so I added her to the chat. She is still processing all this information and is in disbelief. Aries she was wondering how she could verify the info, I told her she couldn’t because the official narrative is lying. How would you explain that all this info is confirmed ? She doesn’t think it’s fake she just is wondering how she can confirm it . Please be nice Lynell Nooh

And ongoing fire :fire: since this has all started. Bodies being cremated

National Guard mobilizes to help states

I’m not asking you to believe me

I only show actionable intelligence

So you’re saying those guys that were getting shot up were super spreaders? In the now memory holed video they looked pretty homeless to me.

You can take it and act upon it

The video you are talking about

Was first half was the sweeper team

The second half of the homeless that’s from another video


Someone merged/edited them

That’s why you are falling for that trap

I only saw the second part then it had hazmat guys shooting people.

Load it

Because we uploaded the videos from China in real time

That was not what happened

I’ve been at this since January 23rd

I haven’t got it that’s why I’m asking here, saw it then it dissapeared real quick.

I know which one you are talking about

But it’s not true

They tried blaming it on a rabid dog

They are working very hard to suppress the 3 ministry of State Security video

These 3 guys are going to kill the ones spitting in the elevators and infecting the city :arrow_down::arrow_down::arrow_down:

Old videos

Not kill unarmed civilians

It wasn’t those its more recent

Maybe 2 or 3 weeks max