New coronavirus infection in #Spain

New coronavirus infection in #Spain
This time is located in Tenerife (Canary Islands).

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And about temperature for virus spread… This is the actual temperature in Tenerife now (22h.)
The global temperature in the last days is about 27°C during day time

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am I reading 4 dead in DRC ?

Coronavirus Covid-19: annuncio ministro salute della Repubblica Democratica del Congo, “il Coronavirus è arrivato ed ha già fatto 4 morti”

Il ministro della salute della Repubblica Democratica del Congo, Eteni Longondo, ha annunciato con una dichiarazione pubblica che il Coronavirus Covid-19 è arrivato nel Paese ed ha già ucciso 4 cittadini cinesi presenti sul territorio nazionale. “Voglio informare tutti i congolesi che il Coronavirus è già nella Repubblica Democratica del Congo e precisamente a Lubumbashi. Questa malattia è molto pericolosa ed ha già ucciso 4 cinesi nella clinica universitaria di Lubumbashi”, si legge nella dichiarazione. Il ministro aggiunge: “Questo è il motivo per cui voglio che questo messaggio sia diffuso in modo che i congolesi possano prendere precauzioni, soprattutto coloro che vivono nell’entroterra del paese”. Il ministro invita la popolazione ad “evitare di avvicinarsi agli animali vivi perché questa malattia è di origine animale. La cosa migliore da fare è essere prudenti e fare attenzione alla pulizia”. Il ministro avverte che “il governo non ha soldi sufficienti per mettere fine a questa pericolosa epidemia”.

Coronavirus Covid-19: health minister of the Democratic Republic of the Congo announcement, “Coronavirus has arrived and has already killed 4 people”

The Minister of Health of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Eteni Longondo, announced in a public statement that the Coronavirus Covid-19 has arrived in the country and has already killed 4 Chinese citizens present on the national territory. “I want to inform all Congolese that Coronavirus is already in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and precisely in Lubumbashi. This disease is very dangerous and has already killed 4 Chinese in the Lubumbashi university clinic, "says the statement. The minister added: “This is why I want this message to be spread so that Congolese people can take precautions, especially those who live in the interior of the country.” The minister calls on the population to "avoid approaching live animals because this disease is of animal origin. The best thing to do is to be cautious and pay attention to cleanliness ”. The minister warns that “the government does not have enough money to put an end to this dangerous epidemic.”

At least at 4 dead you can isolate and cremate

Hopefully they did not come into too much contact

With others


“Is it possible for this virus to develop a pandemic? Absolutely. Is it now? According to our assessment, not yet,” said WHO Director-General Tan Desai24. Without losing control, it is too early to call it a pandemic.

One reason case numbers appear to have grown rapidly is because of the country’s ability to test large numbers of people quickly. As of Monday afternoon, the health authorities had tested 31,923 people, with 20,292 tests coming back negative and 11,631 results still pending.

Other countries that claim they have no cases, Kim says, may actually lack the ability to detect them.

After a little time practicing how to move around, I have determined is it best to never handle your phone in a store, restaurant, public place what have you. Seems to me it is the most likely way to cross-contaminate yourself. Obviously you want to hand sanitize after touching anything. But you instinctively handle your phone so much you don’t want to leave to chance, so best to make a rule, never handle your phone when not in a place you feel is reasonably not contaminated. I will probably just start sticking my phone in faraday pouch (a few bucks on Amazon) most of the time, so that the thing doesn’t even vibrate when I’m outside, and protects the phone a bit.


He is an Italian :woman_facepalming:t4:

Can anybody resume me the situation in us? Pleaseeeee…sorry I lost some today post… long day here… thanks

It’s a logical way.
In Canary Islands we are a top world destiny for tourism.
No matter if he is Italian or not. Before him, we had a Germany infected in La Gomera (Canary Islands too).

We have here a big chance to receive infected people from many countries.
Trust me… I’m sanitary and i know that we lost this fight before it begins…

So I wrote this so far:

Likely Scenarios, why this is “Doomsday Lite”.
Lockdown for a month
The goal is to be ready to stay at home for a month, on order or suggestion by government authority. It is an attainable goal within a few days. We’ve identified 5 types of stores where you can get everything you need to do this. Just about all “Doomsday Prep” articles and websites are not going to be attainable, nor will it be likely necessary to live “off the grid” for months.
Self-Quarantine for a month
This means you are voluntarily staying at home for an indefinite amount of time. You may be sick, you may be not, you may have a family member who is. LIving with other people without cross-infecting is not an aspect doomsday prep guides mention. So you need a strategy for that.
Hopefully Unlikely Scenarios
Bugging Out
“Bugging Out” to a remote location and having a ready to go “Bug Out Bag” is often mentioned in doomsday prep, but it is less useful here because you most likely cannot outrun the situation, or you just don’t have a location prepped in advance. Sure you can still do this, but as a bonus at the end of the article.
Mass Quarantine Center
This is a very undesirable situation. This should only happen if you are totally unprepared and are forced to shop while breaking curfews or contravene lockdowns. It could also happen if you are tracked, by electronic surveillance means, law enforcement methods, or your own public internet browsing and posting, to another person suspected of infection. You do not necessarily have to show symptoms, just that you have been in contact with someone who has exhibited symptoms. Yes, they can, have done, and will do it, even in USA.

This is hopefully not the case. There is not much to discuss except take very good hygienic measures which we will discuss. Like Mass Quarantine, you are no longer in control, so this is very disconcerting.
Stocking Masks/Goggles/Gloves/Hand Sanitizer

Storing Water

Stocking Food

Stocking Cleaning Supplies, Bathroom Stuff, General Household Items

Immunity Supplements

Tools, Flashlights, Clothes

Stocking Energy/Fuel/Batteries/Generators

Water Filtration & Purification


First Aid Kits

Where to Shop:
Harbor Freight, or Hardware Stores
(Masks, Goggles, Gloves)
(All Household Goods)
(Food, Water)
Whole Foods
(Immunity Supplements)
(Anything Else)

Bonus Points:
Bug Out Bag
Gas vs. Solar Generators
Tyvek Hazmat Suits, Full Face Masks

It really hit home as I was finishing up my shopping

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This is fantastic and something not too “scary” that i can share with a few close friends. The less threatening and scary it is, the more acceptable it is.

This Bro is tripping. Sustained community transmission in China, South Korea, Italy and Iran makes it a “ding ding ding” - can I have “what is pandemic ?” For 1000 Alex.

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I use hand sanitizer on my phone every time I change location

I think another way to couch this is what do you really need that is made in CHina that may be out of stock for a while. This is also a real concern.
People should check the list of medications that are made in China as well.

I think this is a great idea and could make a really big difference for a lot of people :+1:t2:

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