📌👉New coronary pneumonia symptoms👈🚨

:rotating_light:1.一开始病毒会感染喉咙,喉咙会觉得很干 这种感觉大约持续3-4天
:rotating_light:2. 然后病毒会侵入鼻液 再流入气管 最后进入肺部导致肺炎 这个过程大约持续5-6天
:rotating_light:3. 这个肺炎的表现是高烧和呼吸困难 鼻腔堵塞的感觉跟普通感冒不太一样 你会觉得有一种溺水无法呼吸的感觉 如果发生这种状况的话请及时就医:pray:

:pushpin::point_right:New coronary pneumonia symptoms​:point_left::rotating_light:
:rotating_light: 1. The virus will infect the throat at first, and the throat will feel very dry. This feeling lasts about 3-4 days.
:rotating_light:2. Then the virus will invade the nasal fluid and then into the trachea and finally into the lungs causing pneumonia. This process lasts about 5-6 days
:rotating_light:3. The symptoms of this pneumonia are high fever and dyspnea. The feeling of blocked nasal cavity is not the same as that of common cold.

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