Nebraska woman with coronavirus, aged 36, is in a critical condition

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Unfortunately the Daily Mail is a tabloid, they aren’t a reputable news source. I’m not saying things like this aren’t happening, but it would be more legit if reported by reliable news sources.

How do i invite my friend dr. John messer. He is in the app now

It’s not useful for this virus anyways. No worries

FWIW for Americans here - this just in from my sister in NJ just across river from NYC.

“My friend’s brother and sister-in-law work at Hopkins and said that we all must prepare (I know you already said it). I am not worried for me and my kids as we would survive but I am worried about mom and dad.

Any details?

I will ask but she said if she were us, in Bergen County she would pull her kids out of school now because by the time the schools close it will be too late. Kids not getting it too bad. That we are severely unprepared and shit will
hit the fan (her words not mine) and that it’s a complicated virus and there are different strains. More than half affected are recovering nicely (and the other half)?? I can ask if there are more details but she repeated numerous times to prepare for quarantine.

Anyone from the state of GA in here? Someone who “didn’t meet testing criteria” in Rome, GA aka someone not in direct contact or with recent travel so that means it’s community spreading.

It is more widespread than what the system believes

here people are spreading rumours that in tropical climate and above 30 deg celsius virus wont spread or cant survive and are going on doing their normal routine works

Atlanta had 200 possible cases at the beginning of feb and they were taking evacuees through the Atlanta airport so with that in mind, I’m assuming the number of cases in GA is very high now but they aren’t testing or telling anyone because the CDC headquarters is there.

If this is correct doesn’t this make the RO factor much higher than 2 or 3 :arrow_up:

My friends John Messer is a Dr. And Karyn are being added

So we think it’s been here in USA a lot longer than reported, and many more have it… The fact that we have not had a spike is deaths or patients in ICU might indicate it’s not as fatal?? Maybe… ?? Or are we still on the 14 to 27 incubation phase? I know the numbers jump in 5 to 7 day increments

Do we have news on Italy? And live footage or updates. @kyrin there are media files too. Click on the red doomsday in upper corner, look for files and videos


Since amazon and ebay banned mask and sanitizer sales where do people go to buy them from third parties?


“I’m not worried for me and kid bc we will survive”

Never assume this virus choose its victim based on age. People of all ages are in danger. Be careful.

Yes, of course. Was just passing along, especially the urgency. Truth is it is too early to say who if anyone, will be relatively unaffected.


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