National Guard on route to Louisville

National Guard on route to Louisville

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429 BSB. Virginia National Guard. You can tell by the bumper numbers. We sure it’s for Louisville support and not a different exercise?

A BSB isn’t really what you’d send for a civil defense mission. They’re mechanics, medics, etc. Not military police or infantry. Unless of course someone’s truck was broken and they had to borrow one. Definitely National Guard of some sort.

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People from the crowd shout at those standing outside their homes but not actively participating in the march.

“Get out y’all motherfuckin’ houses, this shit ain’t for spectating, this shit ain’t for show!” One woman says.l

COULD be coronavirus support maybe. The Brigade Support Battalion is where the brigade Role 2 Aid Station, aka field hospital, is located

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— ““We didn’t get it, burn it down” protesters shout in Louisville”

YouTube just shut down all the streams I was watching…

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