National Guard holding down a parking garage in downtown #Louisville

National Guard holding down a parking garage in downtown #Louisville

⤺ reposted by @0xlelNO from Suspected BLM Cop killer in downtown #Louisville, was apprehended by law enforcement near a Thornton’s gas station.

Looks to me like ADVON holding down a staging area for a follow on force, should it be needed

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How many dumbs are there in ky? From what I’ve seen a city being ‘featured’ in the news cycle means there’s an op happening

depens on the factions

on the amount of DUMBs

If you find a video send ASAP Twitter notoriously scrubs but telegram stores even if twitter scrubs it. If we get to it first, it’s in here and on the site for good. We have to save it for Posterity.

Is “dumbs” a term?

Helios Activity

Apparently this is the shooter - no confirmation yet

Georgia State Police tear gas themselves in

Deep underground military base

Update from the chief of police in Louisville: "There is one suspect in custody in relation to the two officers shot earlier tonight…one officer is undergoing surgery, both are stable…I am very concerned about the safety of our officers,”.