NASA and FEMA prepare for Sept 20 Asteroid impact in California, off coast: Documents reveal | News Break

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THE SECRETARY OF defense on Wednesday dismissed Russia as unable to present persistent dangers to the U.S., marking a notable shift in the Pentagon’s view of the global threats for which it must prepare.

“China has a vast population, its resources, its vast dynamism of its economy,” Defense Secretary Mark Esper said at an event organized by the RAND Corporation in California, “very different from Russia in terms of demographics.”

We see Russia as a challenge right now, but in the future, less so."

China does not hide that the PLA military exercises in the Taiwan Strait are not a warning, but a rehearsal for the capture.

odd NY SHERIFF DOING CHECK POINTS??? They don’t do DUI checks


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  1. Go to Twitter.
  2. Write: Shortage stock up
  3. Read “Top” tweets, see date.
  4. Sort by “Latest”, read tweets.
  5. Analyze Intel.
  6. Draw a hypothesis for the next 6 months.

Chips already exist since the 80s

developed by SIEMENS

this article has a lot of things wrong with it

in regards to Canadians working with DARPA

since it would require an American Security Clearance

not saying the research does not exist

but just Jurisdiction of it is confusing

and not explained well

:+1::x: if there’s better info let’s find it. It is one of the biggest things most of us are still getting familiar with and how to navigate/choice point.

check JHAPL this would be up their alley and they are funded by DARPA for more info on such a chip

:uk: Massive protests against government quarantine measures due to COVID-2019 took place in London on Saturday
#London #UK #protests

:uk:19 сентября в Лондоне прошли массовые акции протеста против против карантинных мер правительства из-за COVID-2019
#Лондон #Великобритания #протесты

What’s this about asteroid?

Mentions of uk at bottom of screen.

What’s the thing about the bug out bag?

I have no idea,just odd they tweeted it and deleted it. I guess the biggest bank in Australia tweeted about what to do to incase you lose power for a long time

:us: A package containing the poison ricin and addressed to Trump intercepted by law enforcement
Two tests were done to confirm the presence of ricin.
A US law enforcement official told CNN that investigators are looking into the possibility the ricin package sent to Trump came from Canada
The ricin package for Donald Trump is positioned as an attempt to assassinate the President of US
How can not recall the recent ricin scandal in Czech Republic, where Russian spies tried to poison three high-ranking officials with ricin…
#USA #Trump #Ricin

:us: Охрана Белого Дома перехватила посылку с рицином, адресованную Трампу
Для подтверждения присутствия яда было проведено два теста
По данным CNN, пакет пришел из Канады
Посылку с рицином для Трампа позиционируют, как попытку покушения на жизнь президента США
Как тут не вспомнить недавний рициновый скандал в Чехии…
#США #Трамп #рицин

In Czech Republic, Russian diplomats tried to poison three high-ranking Czech officials with ricin for demolishing a monument to Soviet Marshal Konev

. Been curious about this.

Ok let’s connect the dots

Let’s connect the dots

Watch “The Time Machine” and then read this :arrow_down:

“Alexander travels to 2037, when the accidental destruction of the Moon by the lunar colonists’ demolition team has begun rendering the Earth virtually uninhabitable. While restarting the time machine, he is knocked unconscious and travels to the year 802,701 before reawakening.”

Now once again

So let’s recap

Don’t forget it’s the UK

Does this mean an impact is predicted for the Atlantic or Western Europe

Let’s remember the Doomsday Dossier

It was partially released

Remember July 19th

NHS staff to receive ‘air accident’ safety training to reduce patient harm | The Independent -

also. UK health workers are to be trained on mass on aircraft crashing injurys

why would UK Health Workers start training on aircraft crashing injuries???