my ocr doesn't even work on this one

my ocr doesn’t even work on this one

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It’s fine try Jerusalem Post

Best place to get masks, best kind, best price…post a link please

it’s pilgrim route in churches and hotels around Jerusalem, 8 February - 15 February

@tatsuikeda can you include something about this in the essay

Meanwhile in Japan

How’s it going

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@WarriorRabbi maybe you can translate my Hebrew still isn’t that good.


中国电信到CloudFlare疑似出现连结问题。目前看起来只影响中国电信用户。 (套CF 救被墙IP的朋友你们还好吗?

如果cloudflare彻底被中国封了。 那么中国人上外网更加困难! 现在市面上的绝大部分VPN也会马上失效! 看来习近平对疫情的“可防可控”就是这样控制的! :rage::rage::rage::rage:

The problem of China Telecom Unicom’s access to cloudflare may be related to the launch of the root server on February 29 and the strengthening of network blocking on March 1. :thinking:

China Telecom to CloudFlare suspected connection problems. At present it appears to only affect China Telecom users. (A set of CF to save the friend of the wall IP, how are you?

If cloudflare is completely blocked by China. Then it is more difficult for Chinese to go online. The vast majority of VPNs on the market will also be invalid immediately! It seems that Xi Jinping’s “preventable and controllable” situation is controlled like this! :rage::rage::rage::rage:

At least Israel responded quickly

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It’s a list of places that the 7 as South Koreans were. Retracing steps to find out who has contaminated who.

Thank you :pray:t2: Rabbi

El dengue en las Américas marca un nuevo récord con tres millones de casos | Noticias ONU @MIUI|

Dengue in South America set new record with 3 million cases.

Dengue in the Americas sets a new record with three million cases

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