My International Business professor keeps warning my class about a food shortage that’s gonna happen in the next fe…

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Have been learning to cook diffetent bean recipes, nice & filling… have also brought heirloom seeds to grow same types of beens

:face_with_monocle: DIY Bullet Reloading Supplies have gone up dramatically

Plexiglass to separate Harris and Pence at VP debate

Damn 24,000 vacant apartments in NYC while normally 1,000 apartments available

Why don’t they just let their SNL avatars debate for them?

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Same in San Francisco and Seattle, except Seattle is stupid enough to continue raising rents.

They’ll try and box us in

It’ll be easier

You are already boxed in

Apartment rents dropping in Seattle, landlords compete for tenants as market cools

Yeah you got that right

Just like the flag

My Dinner With Andre

This was from April. People continue to move but now the landlords are raising the rent to make up for the vacancies and the people taking advantage and refusing to pay rent due to the eviction moratorium.

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Listen carefully

Interesting. I had forgotten about this conversation!

And yet, the same question keeps arising among us as we discuss our frustrations in attempting to reverse indoctrination in the people we care about:

“Why do you think YOU were able to see it and others around you could not, did not, and still can’t, even if you point it out, even if to you it seems plain as day?”

Some of the answers that crop up without fail:

“I stopped watching television years ago. I’m very selective of what I watch now. I don’t miss it.”

“I read the news selectively, but I won’t watch it on TV. I noticed it just makes me angry.”

“All of the shows I found interesting ended up cancelled so I stopped watching.”

“I stopped watching around when everything shifted to reality television. I found it distasteful.”

“I studied the media, I understand the way messages are crafted, so I’m innoculated against this and I have no interest in consuming it anymore. Visual grammar should be more widely taught.”

“I work in media. I only keep up with it because I have to.”

“I studied it and I can’t watch it without picking it apart.”

“I was wasting so much time watching a box flicker. Now, I have no patience for it. I can’t sit still in front of it. I have to be doing something.”

“I prefer to read. Or I listen to podcasts while I’m doing something else.”

“I don’t even own a TV anymore.”

“I prefer to be out in nature.”

“I prefer to be out around people.”

“I like to learn new things. If I turn on a television, I only want to watch a documentary or something educational.”

“I read on my phone while I listen to the television and I’m having several other conversations at the same time. If I’m not taking in 80 things at once, it’s hard to focus.”

“I like to meditate. I like silence. I like being able to hear myself think. I prefer peace and quiet.”

“I stopped playing video games when I realized entire days were being sucked away from me that I could never get back.”

All of these thoughts involve making an educated choice to break away from the source of the messaging, the conscious decision to play an active role in one’s own consumption patterns.

And we’ve seen the reverse is often true: If the person remained content to choose to continue to consume passively, chances are they are more difficult to deprogram and will not easily or rapidly entertain thoughts that dissent from what they perceive to be majority held opinions.

Coming back around to the film in the clip, some adore this movie while others find the fact that it basically consists of two shots boring. I bet you can tell which people are which.

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