My house gets filtered as of now😎

My house gets filtered as of now😎

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One thing I will say now that no one is shopping for:
Hard Dental Picks
Dental Irrigation Syringe

Thx, i got a big p3 filter from work, they use it in pressurized cabines

Level up! :alien::sunglasses:

Monojet Curved Dental Irrigation Syringe

That thing has saved me a visit to the dentist when I had infections below gum line

Yeah, together with the uv lamps, we are almost are bsl4-proof🤣


If you have tooth pain, go at cleaning your own teeth with this:

Kenny Stephens

Basically dental tools

and then use the syringe to fllush out below gum line with hydrogen peroxied

I seen this already. In the morning.

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They are, can save you a lot of pain

I never see that in prepper guides, at least the one’s ive read


To me that dental syringe is a lifesaver, tooth pain sucks

It’s just kinda useful even for fixing and cleaning equipment, when you need a small jet stream of liquid

I use it a lot

Dential tools r key,