My favorite it the extreme "smokey eye" to confuse the drones

My favorite it the extreme “smokey eye” to confuse the drones

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I know that chart in a hilarious

:cn: :no_entry_sign: China is set to pass a new law that would restrict sensitive exports vital to national security, expanding its toolkit of policy options as competition grows with the U.S. over access to technologies that will drive the modern economy.

China’s top legislative body, the National People’s Congress Standing Committee, is expected to adopt the measure in a session that concludes on Saturday. The Export Control Law primarily aims to protect China’s national security by regulating the export of sensitive materials and technologies that appear on a control list. It would apply to all companies in China, including foreign-invested ones.

:ru::man_facepalming::metro: Posters with the wrong image of wearing a mask appeared in the subway of St. Petersburg, Russia

They were released by the Health Committee, Medical Information and Analytical Center (MIAC) of the Health Committee of St. Petersburg and the City Center for Medical Prevention.


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