My daughter has asthma and similar meds. Because this is a novel virus there is no existing immunity, if you come into contact you’ll catch it irrespective of asthma.

My daughter has asthma and similar meds. Because this is a novel virus there is no existing immunity, if you come into contact you’ll catch it irrespective of asthma.
Here’s what we are doing for my daughter (22 y/o) as she is in retail and dealing with public. She will at some stage go home and stay home, but for now she is hand washing frequently and using sanitizer. She is consciously not touching her face. Everyday she takes 3000IU of VitD3, Zinc and 1000mg of Vit C as Sodium Ascorbate and 2000mg as Lypospheric Vit C from LivOn Labs in the USA. That dose rate if she develops a cough or fever would skyrocket, taking 5000 mg every four hours as Lypospheric Vit C and 4000 mg as Ascorbate until rising as the bowel can tolerate.
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I have spoken to Alan Smith personally

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So it begins, the beginning of the end for the Chinese Communist Party.

我发现推特上有很多人,不敢露脸去反对9000万人的共产党,竟然非常牛逼的天天想反十多亿人口的华人。把任何一个民族或者族群当敌人是非常愚蠢的行为。 个人观点,如果对号入座,可以拉黑本推号。如果谁想真的反华,应该是华人他们的事情。外族想反华,就是种族问题了。


I found that there are many people on Twitter who dare not show their face to oppose the Communist Party of 90 million people. They are so aggressive that they want to oppose the Chinese with a population of over 1 billion every day. It is very stupid to treat any nation or group as an enemy. Personal point of view, if you are seated on the checkmark, you can pull the black book. If anyone wants to be really anti-China, it should be the Chinese. Foreigners want to fight against China, it is a matter of race.

I advise Uyghur friends not to treat Chinese as enemies. Uighurs and Chinese should join together to overthrow the Communist Party. Be friends, stay apart and talk about it later. The Communist Party does not fall, it is useless to say anything.
The Uighurs should have been an independent country, just like Israel, but they were invaded by the Chinese Communists and occupied. First, they must unite the Han, Mongolians, Manchus, Huis, and Tibetans to overthrow the evil regime of the Chinese Communist Party In the future, everyone may establish a country or a federation, and discuss it! First of all, anti-Communism is our common goal!

Uighurs, Han, Mongolians, Huis, Manchus, and Tibetans coming together and start organizing. Mark my words Telegram will be key to this organization.


Urgent news, there is already a man in Mexico, the initial test showed positive results! In the second round of testing! If confirmed, it will be the first Wuhan virus infection in Mexico! If Mexico falls, the entire South America will be double pinched! Because Brazil has fallen! :scream::scream::scream:

成濤漫畫 cartoon & comic
你知道說真話的代價嗎? 李澤華 ,小伙子前程似錦,今次武漢風口浪尖,完了,當局不可能再讓他出名。想想 何韻詩 、 張惠妹 、黃秋生 你就懂了,這還都是港台的。


Cheng Tao comic cartoon & comic
Someone said: Why don’t stars stand up and tell the truth?
Do you know the cost of telling the truth? Li Zehua, the young man’s promising future, this time Wuhan’s blast is sharp, and it is over, the authorities can no longer make him famous. Think about He Yunshi, Zhang Huimei, and Huang Qiusheng, you will understand that this is all from Hong Kong and Taiwan.
But there are always people who sacrifice their future and cry for freedom. I have the same pain when I’m here
If you dare to tell the truth in Zhao Guo, you cannot be a star

中共 国

You still have time to prepare, imagine what will happen when the public finds out the real numbers.


To the gate of freedom in Europe, 3.5 million refugees reach Turkey via Turkey.

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