Must of been early on since they are in yellow

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Must of been early on since they are in yellow

It’s been at least 2 weeks

Since we’ve seen a yellow biohazard suit

Now they are all white

I know it’s a long shot but it would be great if someone had a current video/photo of that pit. It’s probably under lockdown since the last video came out

Or worst

Filled in

Was it you that commented saying no one does construction like that

@justice_777 她说了什么

I am Australian, and all the news I have found I have found myself with my own research. Nothing on the TV other than general knowledge. Australia has a a very loose travel ban, it has been proven that planes Are still coming and going from China however. I am very concerned and most people here in Australia are completely naive and ignorant.

Bonnie welcome

This group has the largest collection of Coronavirus videos in America

With English translation

From Chinese text

Thanks I have been here a few days now just giving you an update on Australia

To give you a better understanding of what’s going on in the frontlines

I am well aware hence why I am here

Sorry overdue for sleep

4:44am here

Lol nevermind

Honestly I am terrified.

For myself and my children and Family members

Noone seems worried at all here in Australia

@justice_777 this can’t be in China? 这个人说中文吗? 蝗虫来了吗?


This is the locust plague in Africa

⤻ reposted @AriesAzazel to @justice_777 this can’t be in China? 这个人说中文吗? 蝗虫来了吗?

I thought you might appreciate it here