most complete video of Kenosha shooting i've found so far

most complete video of Kenosha shooting i’ve found so far

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what’s your upload speed on this test

main connection ~28Mbps and backup connection .7Mbps

This is what’s in the pipeline. Feel free to cross reference this with the official UN agenda 2030 and Agenda 21 stated goals on their website. It’s all public knowledge except they use their typical flowery language of diversity, inclusion, sustainability, to mask the tyranny they intend on imposing.

most complete video of Kenosha shooting i’ve found so far

On the plus side

Ushers are being trained on sterilizing movie theaters and many owners are buying UV Lights

— Today’s “civil unrest advisory” just went out for Kenosha residents.

Curfew is 7pm; hour earlier than yesterday’s 8pm


:slightly_smiling_face: Elon flexing too, Wizard hat and everything :arrow_up::mage::mage:‍♂

I’m watching the hurricane and it looks like it’s pushing cat5 territory

So much death and destruction about to happen from this storm :frowning:
Really hoping for survival for all the people I know who didn’t get out when they could.

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its in full swing. Victoria in Australia now locking down until further notice… they dont want us to travel