Moscow bloggers staged prank with coronavirus in the subway.

Moscow bloggers staged prank with coronavirus in the subway.

A masked Asian guy faints right in the train car and starts to imitate cramps, which causes people to panic.

Now the police will come for someone :policewoman:

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Not cool

物资今天替换一线医院了 Supplies replaced first-tier hospitals today

Trump should open relationship with Cuba. They have very good scientists that can help US to find some type of cure

What are we looking at


Keeping busy during Quarantine

深圳口岸现在!:scream::scream::scream: Shenzhen Port Now! :scream::scream::scream:


Goodbye New Jersey :arrow_up:

Look we have nothing to be concerned about!

Those are bullshit numbers

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That’s the kind of fake shit that pisses me off

Because it’s just like the flu Coronavirus leads Royal Caribbean to bar Chinese, Hong Kong, Macau passport holders.
Anyone with a passport from one of those three regions, regardless of when they were last there, won’t be allowed to board the cruise ships

CNBC had short story on cruise ship being turned away about a hour or so ago


Who is going to Costco this weekend

What are you buying???

We are all doomed

Get to the bunkers

Where’s Kenny

I am here… Been here since the beginning.

My man!! This is always been apart of the big picture. They need to lower the population especially with resources diminishing