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Good morning!

Listen :ear: carefully, compare to 2020.

Released in 1969.

Think of Popeye Operators.
Think of the tunnels.
Think of why they want you to stay inside.



This song was released in 1969 -50 = 1919 Spanish Flu

You add 50 years to 1969 you get
2019 COVID19

what happens in 1919/1969/2019

That will also happen in 2069

Connect the dots

Midnight Meattrain
The Descent
The Outsider on HBO

Everything is hidden in plain sight

More Actionable Intel for Prediction Markets: No one shows up for Joe and Kamala’s event in Arizona. :woozy_face:

Came to my attention is would be important to know how to siphon gas

:joy: he was about to say My Great Uncle. Remember Trump is not an ordinary President he was mentored / groomed by a Blue Wizard at a very young age into the Black World just like his son Barron is currently being groomed (already speaks 5 languages)

Wizard of the Day - John G. Trump - #WIZARDOFTHEDAY

On why they are covering up RCH7E1

Hmm… the plot thickens.

“Membrane permeabilization can be the direct cause of depolarization, leading to apoptosis. The successful invasion by coronavirus envelope proteins as a result of membrane integrity already severely compromised from constant exposure to EMR is analogous to the role of the Trojan Horse in the fall of Troy.”

:netherlands: Sold Dutch defense weapons to broker via controversial deal

Defense has sold hundreds of weapons to a broker in a controversial deal. This has emerged from research by research collective SPIT and RTL Nieuws. Some of the weapons are now offered on a website in Malta.

Experts and MPs are critical and fear that Dutch defense weapons could fall into the wrong hands. Confidential documents, in the hands of freelance journalist Dieuwertje Kuijpers, show that Defense sold a batch of weapons to a private individual in May and June. This includes 800 semi-automatic weapons of the MP5 type, worth 168,000 euros. In addition, a batch of small arms, Glocks, was also sold.

The buyer is a Dutch company with which the Defense organization does business more often and is run by former defense employees. According to the Ministry of Defense, the buyer is a Dutch company, a ‘trusted supplier’. The sale is ‘a routine sale’ of weapons that are ‘surplus or surplus’, a spokesman said.

:netherlands: If it continues like this, there will be an additional 100,000 corona infections within a month

It took just under seven months before the 100,000th corona infection was established in the Netherlands. It takes less than a month to double that number. If the current number of positive tests per day continues, the 200,000th positive test in the Netherlands will be a fact in the course of next week. The counter now stands at 168,280 confirmed cases.

Today’s level of violence by Lukashenka’s lackeys towards the protesters reminded many of the events of August 9-12.

In this regard, we want to remind you how in those days the garbage was treated with the captive Belarusians. Among them were not only protesters, but also random people who found themselves in the wrong place and at the wrong time. We are sure you have heard many such stories.

We are publishing a video filmed from the paddy wagon during the “hot” phase of the confrontation. On it, the detainees are chased through the “corridor” - a special Lukashi ritual, when cops line up and beat people leaving the police van. And they do it with obvious sadistic delight. Just look into their eyes and faces.

We would like to remind you that all the fanatics of the “corridors” are still at large. And Lukashenka and his gang still deny the use of torture in relation to the detainees.


Protests in Belarus day … ∞. Security forces again violently disperse and detain people

Anti-government actions are taking place in Minsk today. The security forces violently disperse the protesters and even the journalists of several Belarusian media have been detained.

This is how airports in Moscow time look like. People stand in a huge queue for 2 hours to take a COVID test.

The coronavirus will definitely not work here in a crowded airport with a 2 hour wait. (Sarcasam)

Covid-19 - AI cameras monitor social distancing
#camera #covid19 #surveillance

In the UK, a traffic surveillance system with more than 1,000 cameras has been adapted to monitor Covid-19 measures ․

Scientists gave a pregnant tiger shark an ultrasound and captured the unborn cubs on video. 20 sharks were counted in the belly of the 4-meter animal.

How sweetly the Zebra shark yawns


A large fire broke out in a shopping center in Uchtepa district

As a result of the fire in the shopping center “Uchtepa Outlet Center”, the interior and roof of the complex were damaged in an area of 1,500 square meters.

Curfew in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

The military for the first two days at the posts warned citizens about the action of the state of emergency.

ATTENTION: Now the traffic at the entrances to Bishkek will be completely stopped.
Penalties will be applied to violators.

The North Wollo Zone Habru Woreda is losing control of the desert locusts, according to the Woreda Agriculture Office.
Bahir Dar: September 29, 2013 (ABMD) Farmers in the area have also said, “Stop the damage. Strengthen defense in areas where it has not happened, ”he said. Even if they are supported, they are begging for help in harvesting the crop, even if the crop is completely destroyed.

Last year, a locust swarm in some parts of eastern Amhara posed a threat to local farmers. September 6

Stop buying Swan brand rice noodles

There are two kinds of Swan brand rice noodles in Hong Kong market. The transparent package of Thai rice noodles is made of rice and water, but the white packaged Chinese rice noodles contain several chemicals, including thickeners and emulsifiers. Can these chemicals be eaten in the mouth? too frightening!

The movement to stop buying Chinese goods is being carried out around the world. Hong Kong people know the place of origin when shopping, and don’t let inferior Chinese goods earn you a cent.

:ru: The abandoned fishing village of Oktyabrsky in Kamchatka. Would you like an apartment with a sea view?

Заброшенный рыбацкий посёлок Октябрьский на Камчатке. Квартиру с видом на море не хотите?

Omni Off-Grid, Omni’s giant battery to charge all kinds of devices

A nursing home in Russia and Denmark

:ru: The first map shows Russian churches.

The second - universities.

The maternal instinct of a polar bear.

Past, present, and future all exist within the same ‘space’ and that means we can change the past, as well as the future, even if it appears like they are not occurring right now. The implications of this, when we individually and collectively apply this, are MASSIVE.