More than 500 cases of the killer #coronavirus have been detected in prisons across China, fuelling fears about the infection's ability to spread rapidly in confined areas.

More than 500 cases of the killer #coronavirus have been detected in prisons across China, fuelling fears about the infection’s ability to spread rapidly in confined areas. In response to the crisis, nine Communist officials and two prison chiefs from three provinces were sacked. Beijing has now sent out a special team to investigate the situation, which has seen guards stuck down by SARS-CoV-2 as well as inmates. It comes as China’s National Health Commission today reported 889 new cases of the never-before-seen virus. The figure is more than double the toll that was recorded the day before (394), which was the lowest in almost a month. In other developments today to the coronavirus crisis, which has struck down almost 77,000 people worldwide and killed more than 2,200. Iran confirmed 13 new cases of the killer virus and two new deaths, bringing its total fatalities to four – the highest amount outside of mainland China.

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Italy now 20 and probably more in the nexts hours

Are you prepared



说这女人活该?一个女人被打得满脸是血, 这人身伤害讓人恻隐。


This group is crazy, you don’t know how to comment.

Sympathize with this woman? But she just tore off other people’s masks because of a little rubbing. In very rare times, this is a terrible high-risk action. Everyone is anxious and desperately is a stress response. The invisible virus is dead. This woman’s eyes are broken.

Say this woman deserves it? A woman was beaten with blood on her face, and this personal injury was faint.

The fundamental sticking point is that this country has a bad etiquette, and the people will not even have the most basic respect and courtesy. CCP is over! :rage::rage::rage::rage:

:cry::pray: Do you have children ?


In a community, policemen in protective clothing went directly to a citizen’s house to capture home isolation personnel.

In Italy is hard be prepared like you! We just have masks at home (now is hard find them also here) and today we need to go for more food end water… but we can’t really make a lot… houses here are small :woman_facepalming:t4:

No…but my sister has 2

Buy what you can in bulk, wear goggles and makeshift mask :mask:

Yesssss! I just have masks and gloves at home… googles no but I’ll buy today