More than 40 warships of the Chinese Navy left their bases in the east of the country and went to sea

More than 40 warships of the Chinese Navy left their bases in the east of the country and went to sea

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small mistake and we have a major conflict on our hands.

:arrow_up_small: Watch the lightning.

Watch this to understand how a storm surge behaves and why it’s necessary to leave.

The Lake Charles television station has evacuated, meteorologist is urging others to follow suit. Says he’s expecting landfall at a Cat 5.

Ilyushin Il-96-300 RSD097 special flight detachment “Russia” aircraft, which provides transportation of high-ranking officers of Russian Armed Forces, took off from Washington and headed back to Moscow.

:us: Gunfight between armed libertarians and BLM in Kenosha
Protesters tried to break through police perimeter around courthouse; police responded with tear gas
:black_small_square:Protesters in Kenosha continue to erect barricades, the police destroy them with armored vehicles, incl. with use of International MaxxPro, on which US special forces patrol the north of Syria — now they actively used inside the country too
:exclamation:Trump sends federal security forces to Kenosha

:us: В Кеноше произошла перестрелка между вооруженными либертарианцами и BLM
Протестующие попытались прорваться через периметр, выставленный вокруг здания суда, полиция ответила слезоточивым газом
:black_small_square:Протестующие в Кеноша продолжают возводить баррикады, полиция уничтожает их с помощью бронеавтомобилей, в т.ч. с применением International MaxxPro, на которых американский спецназ патрулирует север Сирии — теперь они активно применяются и внутри страны
:exclamation:Трамп направил в Кеноша федеральные силы безопасности

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:israel::lebanon: More footage from the Israeli-Lebanese border
Israeli military circulated drone footage in which the position of Hezbollah snipers who attacked IDF at the border last night is marked in red, and the observation posts of UNIFIL peacekeepers are marked in white

:israel::lebanon: Еще кадры с израильско-ливанской границы
Израильские военные распространили кадры с беспилотника, на которых красным отмечена позиция снайперов Хезболлы, которые вчера вечером атаковали ЦАХАЛ на границе, а белым - наблюдательные посты миротворцев UNIFIL

5 hours ago, a Tu-214VPU RA-64523 aircraft of the FSB of Russia landed in Minsk.
Of course, Kremlin “doesn’t interfere” in internal affairs of Belarus, it’s all Poland’s fault Lol

Meanwhile, Belarusian sources report the arrival of a large Russian delegation that flew in Tu-214VPU to the residence of President Lukashenko.

Possibly, in connection with the visit of high-ranking Kremlin officials in Belarus, the authorities again began to jam the Internet and telephone communications
Although in Russia the situation with the Internet is not much better.
Including online banking did not work today either

Aqui se habla ingles y Russo

A vece chino y espanol

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Kid was charged for fleeing the state

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Damn it! Maduro going to buy Iranian short and medium-range missiles
This info was confirmed by President of Colombia

:venezuela: Another video of ambush by Venezuelan police squad on Wednesday 26 August in Caracas, where at least one policeman died
The only question — who filmed it all…
However, shootouts with use of automatic weapons in Caracas are even on the streets

:venezuela::iran: At the same time, Maduro going to purchase Iranian medium and long-range missiles.

:venezuela: Еще видео засады, в которую попал отряд полиции Венесуэлы в среду 26 августа в районе Каракаса, где погиб как минимум один полицейский
Единственный вопрос — кто это все снимал…
Впрочем, перестрелки с применением автоматического оружия в Каракасе идут даже на улицах

:venezuela::iran: При этом, Мадуро собирается закупить иранские ракеты средней и большой дальности

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